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Coolhand65:  One fact that keeps me believing is…how can Iraq survive on a currency worth a 10th of a penny?? When at one time it was 3.22 to our dollars. Hah..?..
55classic:  a friend of mine in our little mini-group knows a guy tha has SKR’s, obviously his bank thinks it’s real
Coolhand65:  I just feel some one or some body’s are stalling this from happen. Pull the trigger. I’m sure there will be issues that will need fixing after this goes.
55Classic:  my bet is…that person or entity is right here in the US…scares the crap out of them for average people to all of a sudden rise to their level….my father always told me…when the rich see the little people buying Cadillacs, they’ll just turn the screws to put us back in our place.

SassyD:  Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist, ….. While you were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it !!…. Sincerely, the Opportunist !!!!
Dr.MJRandy:  Our Iranian Rial is to revalue this month.
JSL:  Dr MJ that’s what my Norwegian friends say too LOL
SeaBreeze:   Looks like the Rial is about to present itself….glad I took your advise….as Tony use to say “diversify”
Serena:  I hope Rial will go first..Any currency. Let’s jus get it rollin
Dr.MJRandy:  Rial is to come out between $3.14 ti $3.41.
Bunnyboo:  Dr M J Randy – when do you believe the Rial will revalue?
Dr.MJRandy :  Rial is to be re-instated this month [January].  The Iranian government has stated that they will bring out their currency at a rate equal to the surrounding countries. Please note all surrounding countries have pegged their currencies in excess of $3.00 per country.
Dr.MJRandy:  Looking for Iraq to do something. Which we are told is to be this coming Mon., Tues. Of course I have heard this tune for over eleven (11) years.
Uni345ty:  If its reinstated is it exchangeable ?
Seabreeze:  Uni34 – yep….that’s why we’re here
BunnyBoo:  Dr Randy – Do you have your own contacts?
Dr.MJRandy:  Yes we have our own contacts. As does Bruce of the Big Call, the Artmeister etc.
Tidbits from Open Mic Call:
SeaBreeze:  Iko on OM…says good intel coming in…says Rial rates coming into the bank…good rate!
Dreamsdocometrue:  Iko is on OM stating that his sources are saying banks expecting us on Monday…all currencies showing but no rates including the Rial…sounding good. Rial reportedly ay $3.63.
Heavenshome:  c : talked to 2 other tellers ,,,,,said same thing
Heavenshome:  the jist is the currencies are on screen not showing rates all bank people are saying check in Monday morning. tha’s about it in a nut shell was a rate ria 3.63 this morning
Heavenshome:  still JD talking: alot of positive movemnet, local bankers and one small bank out in midwst w few branches are getting told monday morning.
Heavenshome:  lady C reiterrating from thursday rial was on screen
Heavenshome:  mimi c: bank story from friday SC ….went to WF talked to wealth manager.. talked about ZIM.. pulled it up on his computer..5 100t notes.. twm questioned screen. works out to 1 billion US dollars…. WM took thier name and # and said would get back with them. that is 5 100trillion notes
Heavenshome:  1.3 billion dollars and changes….. the caller is clarifying
Heavenshome:  C: asks to mimi to repeat her story……Fri, went to wells farge for dong and zim but never got to dong. when he pulle dit up on his screen we told him we have 5 100 trill notes and he said i is equal to 1.3 billion us dollars and he questions it to verify and got ther name number to call them back.
Heavenshome:  C their wm was very nice and no bad vibes 🙂
Heavenshome:  mimi is retelling details. wm turned the screen around, she saw it with her own eyes
OKRocks:  Official: IRAN Sanctions on petrochemical products lifted
Tehran, Jan 2, IRNA – A senior official from petrochemical industry said here on Saturday that sanctions imposed on the industry by foreign countries have been totally removed.
Managing Director of Petrochemical Commercial Company Mehdi Sharifi Niknafs told IRNA that for the first time in the past five years, the company managed to get its money for export of petrochemical goods via a European bank. He said this became possible thanks to an agreement Iran signed with a Spanish bank.
During years of sanctions, the official noted, the export of petrochemical items and receiving the money gained through merchandizing petrochemical products was banned that caused a halt in export of such goods to European countries.
He said that after a long and time-consuming procedure which took about five years, the money for Iranian petrochemical exports was delivered to a bank account the company has in a European country.