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Platinumrunway :   All banks know whats happening, they have known for a while. They cant let us know that, have to stick to the scripts until the curtain is pulled back.
Iko Ward :  Shanghai stopped trading last night at -6.86%. DAX down almost 4%. Forex at 1068. Gold climbing toward 1080. Oil back up near 38. Commodities still slipping. CBI now an official joke. ISX down as well. And last but not least, the DOW pretending it’s only half-bad. Just wait. Every day we don’t RV the financial world falls toward the Abyss. Unbelievable.
harambe :  Dow set for triple-digit losses amid China sell-off

Covenant: Are we still in a good place to RV this week???
LH:  covenant with everything going on in the world, we are in an EXCELLENT place to RV this week!
Chardinar: Any clue how low Dow has to go down before our trading stops ??
Garlando:  chardinar: this explains the market circuit breakers;​rsJSP.jsp
Airam:  was watching TV from SPAIN ….crash in the European Market ….Germany 4.4…….France 3.7. ……Italy 2.7….and so on …..somebody in the know …..what does that means for us???? All this after China Markets crash 7.7
Dinarbeleiver:   yes, read about China… trading there halted for the day… what will come of the US stocks today???… interesting
Maggiemoo:  Market down 300 plus,,,primed for a giant loss ,,,just heard on radio
NoNo:  GM TNT & HNY to everyone… dow is on a huge slide thus far… 2 minutues into the trading year and already down -310 points
EnglishWhiteKnight:  Just a quicky. HSBC computers in the UK have been down and not accessible all day. Hmmmm?
Iko Ward:  3 minutes in and already -1.63%. Here we go. And the tragedy is this did not need to happen
Harambe:  Iraq’s Kurds to Continue Exporting Crude Independently in 2016
GodBlessTony: China Halts Stock Trading For Day After Entire Market Crashes 01/04/2016
Beethovin:  IKO, the market has a seasonal correction the first week of January. Look at historical SPY prices.
TaDa:  What’s the benefit to the PTB to crash the world markets? anyone?
OKRocks:  Tada well maybe its not the PTB doing the crash but maybe China? forcing a comply? maybe.. of course IDK