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Elmerf123456:  China shares halted for 15 minutes after CSI 300 tumbles more than 5% Folks….if you’ve been following what’s been told, you are seeing the reality now.! We have arrived.
Elmerf123456:  You’ve been taught for a long time now. I won’t repeat or cast any doom theories etc. if you know…you know! The system changes we’ve mentioned are all ever revealing. You with currency have the ticket you need to change your life and help many! To be prepared isn’t to be scared. You’re special and will see all that’s been said reveal and I mean within reach. God Bless You!
Elmerf12346: They(China) closed the market down now. Checkmate.
Elmerf123456:  Thier market just opened folks.

Elmerf123456:  They shoot it down to the declines. Major Big News.
Elmerf123456:  Sorry their market opened at 8pm est. they China closed it due to 5% loss at the gate and blamed it on a circuit breaker. We know better.
JerseyBoysFaninMn:  If the market just opened and is tanking…. that is the significant part?
Sedinar:  read about the china market at right now
Elmerf123456:  All you have to understand is that this is Global and your hopes and dreams have stepped closer to major reality.
SassyD:   China’s stocks were suspended from all trade on Thursday after the CSI300 tumbled more than 7 percent in early trade, triggering the market’s circuit breaker for a second time this week.​-korea-h-bomb-weigh-on-asian-stock-markets.html
ElmerF123456:  In the long run my friends all you have to know and understand is are you holding currency and have you paid attention….. No one gets left behind and you know more than you think you do. It’s about to get real.
DeeMoney:  Elmer- so that will impact our markets even more correct? As in GCR, as in RV!
Elmerf123456:  IMO there is no more long run. How’s that?
Danblessed:  Someone’s going to probably roll their eyes at me but how does. China’s currency devaluing help us? I’m paying attention this time I promise
Elmerf12456:  danblessed. Simple. .chima has applied this pressure to force what they have always wanted. A gold backed currency.
JerseyBoysFaninMN:  Elmer… is the term gold backed or asset backed?
ElmerF123456:  IMO we see fiat first then asset backed shortly after. Just saying thisxisxglobal and change will come. Count on it.
ElmerF123456:  The currency system that we’ve known for over 35 years now will change. There is no more liquidity and it’s showing its ugly head and obvious the fed rate hike didn’t solve anything. Period. The system is broken.
ElmerF123456:  One thing left to say… happy and Smile!
NoNo:  Bottom line is, we all emerge from this with more than we’d have ever been able to acquire by any other means for such comparatively low investment?. Asset backed or not… It’s more than you have now, so just go with it.
Broccolyasaurus:  “European markets finished broadly lower today with shares in France leading the region. The CAC 40 is down 1.26% while London’s FTSE 100 is off 1.05% and Germany’s DAX is lower by 0.93%.”
If its like a couple of days ago i would expect Chinas “circuit breakers” to kick in and close the market early…. and tomorrow for other markets to dip too.
GreatlyBlessed:  Chinese markets shut down again in the midst of a sell-off! Breaking news on Bloomberg…. China within this hour they are forced to pull the circuit breakers again to shut it down! Second time this week. After thirty minutes of trading. Chinese markets close after circuit breaker triggered. CNBC. The shortest trading day.
MTMan:  Received a text from a friend who is part of Admirals Group. They said they are on high alert to come to Reno to exchange. As far as I know, its the first time they’re on HIGH alert.
Rrrr:  We are about to be full filled beyond our wildest Dreams… Take to Heart these words from one of Whitney Houston’s Greatest songs and make it happen Dinarians: “Give me one moment in time; When I’m more than I thought I could be; When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away; And the answers are all up to me; Give me one moment in time; When I’m racing with destiny; Then in that one moment of time; I will feel; I will feel eternity”
SassyD: World Bank Cuts Global Growth Forecasts — January 6, 2016 — 2:01 PM​ CST —​al-growth-sputtering-along-amid-china-slump-ij392sat

Tishwash:  DNO Confirms Kurdistan Payment

This is like the 3rd or 4th company that got paid from Kurdistan
Oslo, 6 January 2016 – DNO ASA, the Norwegian oil and gas operator, today confirmed receipt of USD 30 million as partial payment towards oil exported from the Tawke field by the Kurdistan Regional Government. The payment, to be shared pro-rata with Tawke license partner Genel Energy plc, is the fourth such monthly payment since September 2015.
DNO ASA is a Norwegian oil and gas operator focused on the Middle East and North Africa. Founded in 1971 and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, the company holds stakes in onshore and offshore licenses at various stages of exploration, development and production in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Somaliland.
This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act
Tishwash: Gunmen steal 400 million dinars from dealer north of Baghdad
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
A source in the Iraqi police, on Wednesday, that the armed group stole $ 400 million from a dealer, north of Baghdad.
The source said in an interview to the Sumerian News, “Unidentified gunmen intercepted, this evening, as it passed in merchant banking district, north of Baghdad, and robbed him at gunpoint amount of 400 million dinars.”
The source, who asked not to be named, said: “The security force arrived at the scene and opened an investigation to ascertain the party that stands behind it.”  LINK
Walkingstick:  Deposit Insurance Law does the economy
1/7/2016 0:00
BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
activate cooperation with the international effort Economic contribute to a logical solutions that minimize the effects of the financial crisis that Iraq is going through because of low oil prices, and the requirements phase of the move the other economic sectors (according to Khbayra economy).
National Business Iraqi Council member Ali tempted said that the economic situation experienced by the country needs real action to achieve economic feasibility of the country and start a new phase join together by all the efforts to move the production process and activate the sectors of economic.
He said in an interview for «morning» that the process of activating economic sectors require building bridges of trust between the and the majority of the beneficiaries of the banking sector through guarantors legislation for the rights of all parties, as well as theadoption of banking technology in the development of the banking sector, which is thecenter of economic attraction.
tempted stressed the importance of overcoming this stage, especially that Iraq is in front of big challenges to the security and economic requires the mobilization of efforts and resources to activate levels financial and banking market at the same time does not leave room for the growing economic recession and unemployment, which came as a result of the sharp drop in oil prices taking place in Iraq now.
He pointed to the importance of benefiting from the project financing of the Central Bank of Iraq and the role of the financing of small and medium-sized projects and funding and its impact on job creation, as well as five trillion dinars initiative.
in turn, noted Ali Tariq Managing Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks that the future of the Association plans include communication with the international andregional banks that adopt advanced systems can be employed to serve the local economy.
Tariq stressed that the activation of the banking sector and driven through activation of the filing process in various private banks and to provide funding for projects requires legislation to guarantee bank deposits law, which works to create confidence among depositors and banks by guaranteeing their deposits, pointing out that this law will change the shape of the banking business and its role in activating the economynational.
He noted that advanced is banking technology vitally important to activate the nationaleconomy and transferred to a better stage commensurate with the volume of work required by Iraq in all its cities without exception.
He pointed out that the Third Banking Conference held recently Search Iraqi banks relationship with regional and international banks, and the dissemination of banking culture and enhance confidence in banks own, as well as the role of the banking sector in Under the current economic crisis, as well as the development of banking services to keep pace with the global market and free trade, banking and the development of human resources.