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Depaul13 : I don’t understand what They are waiting for….. A complete Crash??? Brother!!
Heavenishome :  I know we have been waiting for this and why it’s happening so no fear, but wow.. looks bad
Deemoney :  Yes Iko mentioned the markets crashing. He was in about four. He said oil will drop to $31. And that this is it! And also he’s feeling Great!! He’ll be back later
Elmerf123456:  U.S. stock index futures indicated a sharply lower open on Thursday after China news overnight added to concerns about global economic growth. Oil continued to slide, with U.S. crude hitting a 12-year low. Dow futures were off about 380 points after earlier falling nearly 450 points, as of 8:30 a.m., ET.

CountryLady:  I am amazed at how many people don’t realize the stock market is manipulated!
Elmerf123456:  County lady yes it is and has been and that’s we the system change is in the air!… Don’t believe me?….just watch.
Elmerf123456:  This IMO will be worse than 2008. And I do remember both all too well
GreatlyBlessed:  the Dow Jones was at 8579.19 back in October 2008 then it climbed to over 17000. Today it has broken that 17000 point.
Elmerf123456:  There is no joy in being right in this regard. But this has been building and it isn’t happenstance.  This is the results of the systemic failure of the fiat system and manipulation. A change is in the air. You know the change.
Buckeyefan : Some will get hurt badly while others will dance with joy::: The Big Short showed this very behavior!
Elmerf123456 :  Brokers make money. Even the wealthy are taking huge losses. It is what it is.
Fishon : The money does not disappear. It just changes hands.
Elmerf123456 :  Changing hands is an accurate statement. Question is who’s hand is holding at the end of the bell.
KYGardenGirl:  the re-correction has to occur. But will it stay corrected. Is the question
Heavenishome:  KY. that is the main drive behind the good guys .. and it will be
Brendad:  elmerf123456 When do the prosperity packages kick in?
CountryLady:  prosperity pks are supposed to be delivered after the rv occurs…..
Dutchieflat:  countrylady re: PP’s that’s my understanding too altho’ I did read recently that the PP’s are funded and ready to send out. I don’t know how that can be tho’…
Heavenishome:  dutche… well just supposing this did occur in april and there were detials to iron out.. obstructions from those who don’t want it. group and such to line up… the PP and projects to set to go..
Driveshaft:  The global reset is happening and those still thinking they can stop it, well LOL !!!
Harambe:  Dow futures briefly fall 400 again amid China turmoil, oil slide
Harambe:  Oil slides below $33 on China turmoil
Harambe:  Breaking news – Chinese regulator suspends market circuit breakers
Pearle:  The Dow is down 311 points maybe more…geeze
BSquared:  Pearle: Maybe it will be the impetus for this to move.
Pearle:  They have every reason to RV but still not doing it
HeavenisHome:  it is a calculated…………being done in safe steps is my thoughts.