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Highlights from The Big Call
Ploganea:  Bruce: Call beginning
Bruce: Excited about life and where we are
Bruce: Intel now

Bruce: Supposed to have gone on Jan 1st. But didn’t. We think it is here almost every night but things come up to put if off a little. That is why we keep hearing soon and then doesn’t happen. Tomorrow is the 8th, China likes 8. 8 is the beginning.
Bruce: Why is China’s market sliding? He thinks that China may be getting back at certain people, billionaires. He thinks that will continue tonight.
Bruce: If currency get’s devalued, say 7%, they will not stop the slide. That is what he heard. China’s dive goes to Europe and then US markets.
Bruce: Market adjustments are happening for a reason. Maybe they have to get to a certain point. Tomorrow will be interesting. Maybe a percipitus slide. We were off track for a day but we are back on track. Iraq budget has been published in the gazette. Laws there.
Bruce: Believes that all Iraq needs to do is make the announcement. Is IMF hold them off? He has heard may be asked to hold off until Sat. He heard that the announcement will be Sat and the RV next.
Bruce: What or who is holding this up? Is there a hold up or things that needed to be done. Certain people have been sequestered in the last few days. Bruce beleives that everyone who needs to be sequestered has and that is why it didn’t go right away.
Bruce: Key cards were not completely working because of computer chips in the Qi cards. So today they have compensated for that problem by issuing 50 and 100 coins that are out and being used.
Bruce: Coins will be used in addition to cards until RV. He has heard that from boots on the ground.
Bruce: The 50,000 dinar note is out as are LD and freely used. So everything inside of Iraq has been done except the international announcement making Iraq a truly international trading partner. That announcement should be the trigger to go.
Bruce: Some people are telling him RV should be announced tomorrow while some say Saturday. Groups are getting ready. Still moving forward. Everything on track. We could be there very shortly.
Bruce: they are trying to start the humanitarian and PP and RV all at the same time instead of one after the other.
Bruce: First heard that bond funding was there but not pay it out until RV goes.
Bruce: Has heard specific funding to be released but we are waiting.
Bruce: Thanks audience for understanding and stopping the hate mail. His goal is to share info. It might be tomorrow or the weekend but it could be later. Most sources say by this weekend. Bruce tries to discern the truth. China is trying to get this done.
Bruce: Q & A now.
Bruce: Can’t talk about rates. Iranian rial is on the screen but exchange can’t be completed at this time. Software is in place but they are in the process of re-sequencing rates and financial institutions all over the world. That is what they are doing now.
Bruce: Board is not allowing questions.
Bruce: Keeps talking until board comes out. Talked about working with Vets. Is going to do a veteran’s retreat network. At one time 85 different people had the idea to pick up land and designate part for vets. The Big Call folks will meet on those sites. Not ready to advertise this but are in the planning phase.
Bruce: Big Call will let people know. PTSD training and help for vets. All over the country.
Bruce will oversee and be director.
Bruce: Still problem with Q & A board. Board is frozen.
Bruce: Will try for a couple more minutes to get the board up.
Bruce: Will try to talk to us either during or after the exchange process. After RV announced, where 800 # will be if they get them, then Big Call will have limited calls to help then will have interview calls on investment, commodities and handling wealth.
Bruce: He will include health cures. And aquaponics, fish farming, worm casting farms. These will be taught at retreats. Growing food for neighborhoods. Teach people how to grow. They have a lot of plans. See how many want this.
Bruce: The Abundance Project (TAP) will help people plan on how to help others. Helping Vets, ministers, missionaries thru pastoral retreat networks throughout US and maybe in the Carribean.
Bruce: If you heart is still for sharing, a week or so after the RV we will have more calls on TAP.
Bruce: Hopes we will have a symbiotic relationship to improve our country, other countries all working together. If interested call in to the TAP calls after exchange
Bruce: Helping PTSD with neuroplasticity teaching and downloads to help veterans.
Bruce: Wants the Big Call to mean something, help people. Big Call is not just to get intel out but to help others
Bruce: Going to try to see if the board will allow callers to load
Bruce: Can’t load calls so taking it as a sign that they weren’t suppose to have a Q & A.
Bruce: Exchange process: Photo ID, (student card, birth certificate, SS card, driver’s license, passport, Sams card.) If you have these things it may help especially if you have lots of currency so that there is no doubt who you are. Keep your ID safe.
Bruce: Keep ID in your possession, not in carry on. If you plan on using Wells Fargo, bring your account info with you even if it isn’t active. Might be helped to bring the last bank statement.  Bring the receipts for the currency but keep it in a folder and don’t offer them. Just bring in case it comes up.
Bruce: If you have a suitcase full of dinar, you may want to be able to show receipts if asked.
Bruce: When you sign the FIN Cen 112, look for the part that says “exchanging currency.” Make sure that part is used. Don’t use “CASH OUT.” That is only used in casinos.
Bruce: Us “exchange or currency exchange.” If in a group will get notified either via email or telephone. If on internet, should get a tweet from RayRen and if allowed with 800#. Will also be on if allowed so you can go there to get the tele numbers.
Bruce: May get numbers from dinarrecaps.
Bruce: Q & A starting now.
Bruce: Now have 2,000 on Q & A line. That may be what froze the board. One question, rapid fire questions.
Caller: Hello, who is funding the GCR? Is it just for US or whole world. Who is funding?
Bruce: it is being funded by each countries currencies being asset backed under Basil 3. That gives the currency value. In the case of dong, Indonesia, that is being funded by China. These funds are either about to be released or have been. They are funding the historical bonds.
Bruce: The bonds will fund the humanitarian projects and PP.
Caller:  : On 4 o’clock news. Talked about stock market. Chinese people were worried. What sense does it make to panic people when they could push the button? Bruce: Certain high net worth people don’t want this to go, crashing the market may get back at the people holding this up. Or could be timing.
Bruce: Other factors are the IMF and others that need to acquiesce to get this going. We will just see when it actually goes.
Bruce: Our country reacts rather than getting ahead of the game, being proactive. Caller said it doesn’t make sense. Bruce agreed.
Caller: Member of Gen 64/Wells Fargo group. I predominantly have Zim. Will I do best using the group or negotiating myself? Bruce: The initial negotiation was for IQD and dong. But may get a better deal inside the group. My gut is to set up within the group. Pre-negotiated rates may be best in the group.
Caller: How will I know if I use the Wells Fargo group gives me the best rate? Bruce: Chances are you will get the best rate within WF. May be able to negotiate in the group. May make a difference how long you keep funds in the bank and also humanitarian projects planned.
Bruce: Your plans may help get a better rate.
Caller: Documentary on Netenyahu (sp?) wars. This documentary gives out good background info. Bruce: Agreed. Believes dinar must go before any others.
573 caller: Reading articles on Zimbabwe with diamonds, gold laying under the ground. Is this helping increase the rate? Bruce: Yes, that is what is increasing the amount and China is helping with the mining. These assets are serving to increase the value
Caller asked if she should share her humanitarian projects with banker? Bruce: have a 30 second pitch that says what you are planning to do. If not planning yourself can say that you are partnering with some people on water wells etc. Practice your pitch. “This is what I am planning.”
Caller: Is Admiral getting ready tonight? Bruce: Don’t know. Caller asked about what rates people are getting: Can’t talk about rates. Caller when into bank in New Orleans. After doing bank business banker pulled up the dong. It iwas 44 cents.
Caller didn’t have all her money with her. Was told to come back Monday they may be able to exchange her there. Bruce: Said what is happening is that when they are trying, the computer won’t allow to complete the transaction.
Caller wondering if the hold up is that bankers world wide are being arrested? Bruce: There were a number of people who were in positions that were impeding the process or hurt the process by suppressing the rates etc. These people were “sequestered”.
Bruce: This is the reason since Tuesday that has held things up. Can’t go into detail on that.
Caller wanted to know about the rupiah. No info on that. Bruce: It is in the basket. No up to date rate. Still a good currency to consider.
Bruce: Caller talking about fasting to get this released. Unity is the best thing. Bruce: Hopes this will happen this morning.
Caller how long do we have to exchange? 2 years? Bruce: Years ago we heard that. It probably depends on the currency and the country. Could perhaps hold some currency but may drop after the initial exchange time. But in the future may exchange for far less.
Other caller said “cash in.” Bruce corrected him!!!
Caller What was the currency exchange form.? Bruce: FINCEN 112.
Caller Appreciation: We are in a small community. No WF. Was given a 800 # to call. Called and guy was rude and said that paper worthless. Bruce: He had the company line down, didn’t he. Some WF people are very prepared. Bruce said don’t call. Wait until the RV goes then use the 800#, and ask where closest exchange place.
Bruce: Said that WF in Biloxi may be closest. This is what will happen. 7 states with no WF. When it happens, get the closest exchange center to you. If you are going to do something with WF and aren’t in a group, don’t worry, you will call in with zip code. Don’t worry about this.
Bruce: Words are powerful. Speak powerfully that this will happen easily.
Caller: Haven’t mentioned expiration on Zim. Bruce: Last heard will have 21 days after the RV to exchange. Doesn’t expect anyone to wait 3 weeks to exchange. Get in and exchange. They want this done. This helps Zimbabwe. Puts them on the map and levels the playing field for them.
Bruce: Wrapping up the call. Thanks to Kent for working out the tech difficulties. We are in a good position. Chatter that it is moving through. We can’t force , have to let it come in God’s time. Do plan A until plan B happens. God will provide. We are waiting to get on to next phase of our lives.
Bruce: Appreciation to the listeners. Call is in 5th year. Will continue after the RV, take you through the process then work together with projects and financial training.
Bruce: Waiting for celebration call. May be Tuesday. Just have to wait and see.
Bruce: Kent closing call with prayer.
The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198, Pin #123456