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TennWolfMan: intel today is as quiet as a cemetery
Crushr13:  With China doing all that they are doing, and with the supposed announcement about Vietnam making a currency announcement in the next 48 hours (almost up now), and the 2 economies being so related by commerce, I wonder if the Vietnam announcement might be the trigger for all of this, with China at the indirect controls. Just a wild thought – just trying to put a few pieces together, somewhat intelligently.
OKRocks: crusher they are certainly connected but its when they really show it not when they say they will…. you know… lol
LAdyB22:  Bruce said hopefully ….. the hold ups have all been sequestered.

Peaches1 : BREAKING: All major indexes turn negative; energy weighs as oil approaches 12-yr low
Luvwulfs : the way I see it all markets have to go to their real value, not the inflated value, before a reset. Just guessing
OK Rocks: BEEN A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS…SO I WILL REPEAT…FYI ABOUT THEIR GAZETTE – THEY HAVE NOT UPDATED IT YET….  laws shall be published in the gazette and shall take effect on the date of their publication, unless stipulated otherwise. It is published by the Ministry of Justice.
Too, in all my years in this they dont PUBLISH the Gazette but once a week On Wednesdays… So it could be done, just not published yet…
This last one was No. 4389 issued on Nov 30 2015 and Published on 12/21/2015 09:39:00 (Click on Image there) …. The Council of Ministers Resolution No. 400 of 2015 on the adoption of payroll and annual bonuses average number (400)
OR maybe its hidden underneath this one where I cannot see it lol BUT I think it would have a later date then Dec 21??
It could be in the gazette (their law book)… but it just has not been PUBLISHED yet… It has to be published to be implemented… and I believe they will not Publish it til they RV or shortly thereafter
Danblessed :  Okrocks strange why they haven’t published a gazette since 11-30-15
OKRocks :  Danblessed I think so too! it could be its so chocked full of goodies they cant until they rv…hmmm
Banditjumps2013 :  on cnbc they just recommended that movie the short
EarJocky:  China is actively causing the economic changes we are seeing using their currency devaluations. Don’t make the mistake of assuming these changes are random in the markets.
JSL: earjockey I think your right, I hate to say it but it is part of an Ugly divorce going on in the Power structure of the world right now, Certain western entities are kicking and screaming all the way through the procedure. Some know what I am talking about. But the truth is tha False marraige should have never been entered into over 100 years ago anyway. Now we are finding out it was not a faithful relationship from the start. If you know what I mean
EarJocky:  The USA benefits from a weaker dollar, drops in the yuan runs dramatically counter to the USA production/jobs/growth/earnings. We get to buy cheaper stuff but when did shopping make anyone wealthier? They are giving us right hooks and left jabs.
The RV gives the USD an immediate shot in the arm and gives the US some breathing room in a debt based economy to increase the dynamic range between debt and revenue. So the USD for a short period will actually increase in value after an RV until the new revenues start getting paid-forward (PIF). Then the dollar will start to drop as it begins to yield goods and services.
Of course this pretty little outcome depends on the US PIF domestically.
If you want to really do some good create some good paying jobs by opening up your current job to someone else and creating some new ones.
Drakechap:  earjockey, i get that and if seems like this will help everyone everywhere. So there should be no reason for the hold up. we have too much sainty to understand the sanity!!
Earjocky:  Drake the missing part that are impossible to truly get a handle on are the personal and political interests of powerful people and organizations.
KArmaking:  It’s a big thing that’s collapsing. Some will see it as a collapse, for those who have been working it, it has been a dismantling. And also, to us, it’s been like watching a big baby being born.
Ice:  how does a country like Iraq….having more oil and other assets than just about everyone else…live in poverty? and not like Kuait. ..Saudi arabia…befuddled the mind…
Earjocky:   Ice Iraq has over the decades become a giant piggy bank of the world. Saddam kept it in his closet and now the global family of countries are fighting over it for their economic salvation. Our dinar represent a share of interest and we wait for the probate to be settled and the will to read to the heirs. We happen to be last in line.
JSL: Maybe today while one of our Big Buddies is Driving his ball out on the Golf course someone in the Sun and Sand He will feel this Impending Urge to Cry Out That’s Enough Folks!!! Lets get a Hole in One Today!! And all His advivors Will Put it to Action!! And we willl Say See Ya at the Exchange Center
Taxmom:  Bix Weir on Chinese Markets
So funny. China has finally figured out that you don’t telegraph to the world that you are going to rig the stock market – you do exactly the opposite!
Yesterday they said they were going to remove all the stop loss/support mechanisms so everyone was expecting the Chinese stock market to get destroyed today. When it opened it started to crash quickly but then an “Invisible Hand” came in and started buying massive amounts of stock to make the exchange close up on the day.
A play right out of the US Riggers playbook…make the markets LOOK like they are functioning on their own and don’t tell anybody that it is being rigged.
Let’s see how long this lasts.
Bix Weir [email protected]