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JSL: Make no mistake about it things are happening , not coincidence’s China market, Dow dropping, there is a reason, I believe things are shaping up
One guy wrote the beginning of the end, not sure what he meant , but some opinion, I guess, either way Stuff is happening, Like Tony kept telling us the wheels are turning, slow but sure.
Desmo:  Has Ray said that all we are waiting on is the Gazzette?……..not being a party pooper but all we were waiting on last year was the Gazzette and that came and went…..just don’t want everyone to get their hopes up and crushed again……I truly think this is really it this time but wondered if Ray had said something I missed
Lilypad:  Desmos, there are articles thats the finance ministers will be paid on the 10th or 11th. . Preceding that, there was an article stating that the finance ministers would be paid immediately after posting the budget in the gazette. It may be that it is the budget is being hidden from the English version dn is in the Arabic version. Also, the taxes and tariffs go into effect on the 10th. Just saying.

BadScott54:  Protect Your Dream-Seed. A Dream-Seed is the invisible photograph of a desired miracle, goal or dream. God hangs photographs in your heart, of something you can become… do…or have. Abraham nurtured that inner picture of many generations of children through his promised son, Isaac. Diligently guard the Dream-Seed God has planted in your heart through prayer and discretion. Dr. Mike Murdock 1/9/16
BigB:  Just heard from a friend that Viet Nam made their announcement. Treat as rumor until confirmed. Viet Nam is now going to float their currency.
Caarlosisin:  bigb – and how does that affect the rv in general
BigB:  carlosisin We have a lot of very interesting things happening in the last couple of days. No ships, new coinage in Iraq, and now the Dong is going to float….. It will depend on the type of float and the demand. It could be a very fast float or a 2% over several months.
Tada:  my understanding ( LOL ) is we bought VND on a gov. fixed rate…. so if they change to a “float” now then the free market will push it up fast. It’s been artifically held down for a long time. Right?
Xyz:  Central bank: address the financial situation is done through the adva​ncement of the real sectors ​=ar&tl=en&u=
Xyz:  Central bank: address the financial situation is done through the adva​ncement of the real sectors ​=ar&tl=en&u= … as he emphasized that the bank’s board is the only body authorize​d by law to determine the dinar exchange rate.
Xyz:  Member of the parliamentary finance calls for “a major economic r​evolution” to confront the current crisis ​=ar&tl=en&u=
“the importance of reviewing auction currency at the central bank and find other means to keep the Iraqi dinar, and the launch of an internal bonds for citizens and an interest rate of not less than 7% instead of the foreign loans of up Voidha to more than 10% exchange rate.”