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Bita:  CNBC and the Dinar- Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer of Mad Money Talks About Iraqi Dinar

EKB:  Love to hear this type of Info – But, don’t you feel it is a bit old??
Published on Aug 12, 2013
Sunny:  GREAT POST!  I had not seen it before.   Thank you!!!   It maybe a few years old but the information is so valuable and a shot in the arm for many people to know about.
HH:  Wow- great video…Thanks for posting……its a couple years old but heck …with all the delays we have seen in the RV….I still think this info is very relevant, and its exciting to see it on MSM………really makes it feel real…..
Like this older Bloomberg video…with the delays we had had……the Saturday Night scenario may still be true….just later then they expected!!!
Bloomberg video that said one Saturday night they will adjust all the currencies and we wake up Monday morning to all new exchange rates!!!
Too-Tall : Breaking Israeli News:   Iran Sanctions to be Lifted “In a Few Days” Despite Violations at: LINK