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IvanTulafitov :  United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, announced that implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran, agreed upon in July, was imminent. “We are days away from implementation if all goes well,” Kerry said at a press conference on Thursday. Implementation would compel the US and the other P5+1 nations to suspend tens of billions of dollars of sanctions against Iran
luvwulfs :  I always thought Iraq and the GCR have to pop first, before Iran. Can’t have Iran get the jump on Iraq joining the market. That’s how I understood this issue
IvanTulafitov :  seems like Iraq and Iran would need to rv at the same time to prevent double dipping on either side – or from insiders ok so lets say some of you have Rial and Iran RVs first you go in exchange but wait still waiting on Iraq vietnam etc etc? ok just take tht RV’s Rial exchange funds after deposit and double down on as much VND and Rupiah as they will allow ( or visa versa )
fireball92 :  The release of Iran from sanctions with return to full international economy and subsequent RI of the IRR (About $3.21) is distinct and totally seperate from IQD RV and/or GCR.  That is ‘technically’ Iran/Iraq are separate. As a practical matter, both economically and socially, the 2 countries have always been joined, for better and worse, at the hip

luvwulfs :  It may be separate but completely intertwined
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