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Uenvoy:  Markets were up this morning.. and oil below $32 pbl at $31.36
Market will end down today, reading that all trade between the world is coming to a halt.
Over 85% of the vessels that ship between countries are docked and empty.
that may just be a rumor, but looking at the trade during November and December, the world is slowing , no one is buying new cars, clothes or even the small items . only buying what is needed to live daily. food, gas, keeping their homes.

So we know that this was going to happen, this has to happen in order for the world to realign all markets to what is reality and not over blown in the markets.. we are very close to the RV/GCR
Oil just dropped below $31 pbl
Gold is dropping again @ $1087.38
Forex is showing 1063.2000 IQD/USD
The oil market loss is going to be short lived, they are crashing the oil market for one reason, to crash Russia, china, N Korea and Iran. To keep them from providing weapons, supplies to the terrorist world.
Uenvoy:  Impending bankruptcy for small oil companies per FBN
Rockodinar:  Just heard oil industry going bankrupt..oil in the 20’s….wow
Evenflow:  It’s coming not just the RV but a total reset…. Everyone will have to play by the new financial rules
OKRocks:  think petro dollar…. world is changing, setting up for the changes! run with it and keep your mind and thoughts balanced… change can be as hard or as easy as you make it… I am ready
KeithN:  okrocks, good point on following the Petro Dollar, Tony always said watch what they do and not what they say, the Petro Dollar is certainly showing CHANGE
BestBuy:  See guys, I don’t know why China is devaluing their Yuan but every move China makes other countries follows devaluing. So the whole GCR is upon China’s move. That is my 2 cents. And Iraq is slowly move another historic move to 1089/dollar on XE
Here is what will happen. If bank starts to fail just like 2008. Funding to all companies or startups stops immediately then housing goes down fast cause layoff will happened in a blink of an eye.
I still remember my previous company on that day Lehman fail sending out memo to all stop all expenses and he was told by investor either you make it or break it alone. All funding stops today.
this time I can see it …much worse from all angles. We kick the can down the road too long and it added up. Thank God we have this RV coming and pray that it will come faster.
Sabickford: Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason.
AngelaJ: Bank Story with WF today 1-11-16
Ok, here is my story: Had to go to WF today to get a print out of my savings account, even thou my account is now negative.
Venting now, as of March 14th, my wife was in an accident and has not worked since then, as of April I also became unemployed and my mortgage is now 4 months behind and facing foreclosure, but I’m still walking by faith.Done venting. Back to my bank story. Sat down with bank associate to get my copies.
BA – is there anything else I can help you with?
me- yes, does this branch do currency exchange? And can I speak to the WM
BA – yes we do, are you talking about the dinar? I can probable help you with that.
Me- (with a smith) yes that’s fine.
BA- wow I’ve been hearing lot about it. However we are the last to know about the process. What I do know is that it is suppose to happen by the end of this month. (She grabs her calculator) now from my understanding it is suppose go at around $3 or more. How much do have have.
Me- quite a bit.
BA- that’s great. As a matter of fact one of my customers asked me a question. He says, how much money do i spend on a weekend? I told him about $100. He then said why don’t I take that $100 and invest in the dinar, you have nothing to loose. He went on to say it would be like staying home for the weekend.
Me- Well did you purchase the dinar?
BA- (leaning forward) yes I did.
At this point she gave me her phone number and email address. I then gave her my card and said to her whomevers get info first will contact the other.
Just wanted to share, I am much more encouraged.
OKRocks:  FROM MY INBOX…. For Those that don’t know Dr Todd is not his real name and he is involved in part of the process… I think you can google him on YouTube for when he first spoke)
“Dr Todd” via Gary says we are still in line for our currencies to change, everyone is scrambling in the background. meetings going on this last week and working with the royal families but it is very quiet.
Meetings last week, the queen is dealing with disbursement of funds, which is supposed to be done but new meetings to discuss and re-evaluate the plan, issues came to the table. a lot of changes to come it causes a lot of ripples, new info to come. a lot of “reduction” going on and there is less money now being wired between countries.
In the New Year the banking elite leadership were/are to come back on the 15th but most are running into meetings now. Why is everything so quiet?
Was expecting flurry of activity but it’s now been cautious and a re-evaluation is going on. like China, their numbers are manipulated but effect all, not based on what is in the system but all the numbers make sense, in alignment.
There is a lot of activity and somebody is manipulating the system. He sees China is playing a very strong job while others try to figure it out.. if they have made a decision on the rv value they are not letting the cat out of the bag