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Elmerf123456 : People hate silence. If they have less than 12 hrs they go into fruit loop mode. We are in a good place and it’s the timing! Nothing has changed. You walk and rub elbows among the best knowledgable people out there.
Be the best you can be and stick like glue. Silence isn’t negative. Silence is positioning.
Elmerf123456:  I want everyone to know I just got off the phone with Okie he underwent surgery very successfully but where they thought he was affected on his spine in four areas turned out to be seven.
It was good that he got these taken care of because it could’ve been crippling.

What he needs now is rest and to get his strength and for all of us to keep him in your prayers and he wanted me to tell everyone he loves you!
RnR:  Here’s an interesting thought… last year, the 2015 Iraq budget was signed by the President on 2/10/15, and was “announced” as in the Gazette on 2/22/15, 12 days later, with a “publish date” of 2/16/15.
The 2016 budget was signed by the President on 1/3/16, and if we wait 12 days, that would be this Friday.
Assuming we have to wait 15, that would be on Monday, which is a USD forex settlement holiday, meaning no trades involving USD will be settled until Tuesday since the Fed is closed.
The rule is both country’s central banks must be open to settle. So could this be a 3-day weekend since Iraq uses USD and IQD? We shall see!
IKO WARD – 8:45PM ET Hey guys, just happen to catch this discussion about Forex. What I was actually told back in Jan. of 2014 was if Forex hit 1085 we were on our way, but since that time additional factors appeared that were unknown to most people. The magic number is now a secret. But if I had to guess, I would put it at 1065.
DustyS:  Seriously–I played handball with my PB on Monday. He said banks are no longer calling people in at the exchange centers to set and wait–they have them on 24hr alert calls–have to report within an hour of being advised.
He feels this thing is teetering on the edge–said I will get a call at the same time the exchange centers get a call–but he feels COULD see this sometime this week–they have had meetings everyday on this–
He will not discuss anything with me over phone anymore–we will have lunch or he will stop by my home to talk–he is old friend and and lives not more than 3 blocks from me. He said alot more–but I have been asked to be –selective about what I say in public
Badscott54:  Refuse To Quit. Ever. The secret of champions is their refusal to quit trying. Futility is merely a feeling…conquer it and keep heading toward your goals. Create small successes when the large ones seem impossible. Even skyscrapers are built a brick at a time. Quitting…does not really give you what you really want. Every step away from yesterday is significant progress. Dr. Mike Murdock 1/13/16
Tom66:​-bill-fails-senate Guess WHO? What’s 140 Billion to Iran when $ 9 Trillion Missing and t​hey won’t even look?
NewCreation:  Iraq: Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies, and Technical Memorandum of Understanding
NewCreation:[   * Press Release: IMF Managing Director Approves a Staff-Monitored Program for Iraq
Sanctions relief for Iran could come this week