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Iko Ward : Forex…1054.2….OH YEH, UH HUH, THAT’S RIGHT, THAT’S RIGHT
I can’t keep up with you guys anymore. Tonto, looks like our work here is done. Hmmm Chemosabe. I told you never to say “Hmmmm”
Guys, I’m waiting for a text sometime after ten. When it comes I’ll check in. If it doesn’t come I’ll be too embarrassed to check in.
crude oil at 29.98! Oh my lawdy loo!

lonnieh43: IS Oil price a bad think
Iko Ward: lonnie, no, it is a very good thing
thankful : Iko what time zone
Iko Wardwrote :  thankful, shame on you, there is only ONE time zone…EST…and only one place that matters. .mid-town Manhattan (and Texas)
zzzzzzzz :  Iko… is your text going to tell you that you won the 1.5B lottery??
Iko Ward : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz chump change, baby
zzzzzzzz :  Don’t be embarrased if you didn’t win the lottery! LOL
Iko Wardwrote : ..didn’t buy a ticket. ROI better on ZIM.
Iko Wardwrote : ZIM will have just one rate… Unf#$^ing believable!
olesailor :  iko you still seeing a zim rate at .36 or north thereof?
Iko Ward:  ole…that neighborhood…nobody knows for sure. Well, somebody does
Iko Ward:  Guys, be back after 10
MaggieMoo:  Looks like Asian markets are bloody again,,specifically Japan, as Iko predicted a few hours ago…. Japan market down 3.65%, nearly 650 points
Sundancer:  Maggie what time did they close China is close to their time zone they are still open awhile
Maggiemoo:  China open for 4 more hours,,,,Hong Kong down huge,,,Tokyo & Hong Kong have huge levels,,,they lose more points,,,Australia down
Dedar:  Australia is very tied in with China so it is affecting us big time.
BigCraig:  My take is , if China is investing in a country , they want a high rate sooooo I wouldn’t be surprised….With Zimbabwe having resources like coal , copper , nickel, gold , platinum and iron … The rate just might be a high one
SassyD:  Watch the world markets …….
KMK: B of A positive bank chat

I went into open a new LLC acct and was chatting w PB. I asked if he was a wealth advisor also. He is considered a jack of all trades and said when you invest another would take over.
I mentioned that I have no money now but expect my currency to provide me with plenty. After we were done I was introduced to asst manager of branch who said do you have dinar? I smiled and said “now you admit this is real?”
She said they were told to lie and that is shows LIVE but transactions won’t go through!! So all of what we have been told she admitted was real for zim, dong and dinar!
She said it would change the world for all of us and would be glad to help me when it revalues. This was in Phoenix! Great day of positive news for us. We are so close.