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Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 1-14-16
Ploganea:  Bruce: Opening with a prayer.
Bruce: A lot of info to bring in tonight. But not a long call. Probably about an hour.
Bruce: Okie came out of the surgery OK. Just letting him rest and get better. Asking for prayers for Okie that he recovers and gets up and going.

Mangelo:    Bruce call: want’s to thank us for prayer request and has heard that Okie had surgery and let’s hope he gets better
Ploganea: Bruce: Intel coming up
Mangelo:  Bruce call: INTEL;;;;;; it’s all very positive, things out west are moving, cards are all loaded, bonds will come out Monday
Ploganea:  Bruce: Everything hearing today including just before call, very positive. Iraq done. Laws passed and enacted. Card loaded at 3.71. Bonds for sale Monday. Hear rate of $3.91 on bonds. Before bonds are offered need rate internationally
Mangelo: Bruce call: before the bonds come out they need to have a rate,it’s in the budget
Ploganea:  Bruce: Iraq is waiting on us. China and IMF in drivers seat but US still has some say. Everything rolling right along.
Mangelo:  Bruce: Iraq is waiting for us, China & Imf driving things
Mangelo:  Bruce, Ships are docked now, waiting for pay. tht’s a good sign
Ploganea:  Bruce: Ships at sea were docked, not in open water. Mostly halted because maritime trade want to be paid in real dollars so not many permits for trade offered. Yesterday over 14,000 new shipping permits for freighters to start again. Good sign.
Ploganea:  Bruce: Looking forward to completion. Keep eye on emails over next couple of days. Keep phone handy. Tomorrow UN operational rates may show a change. They have 2 day leaway. Hearing good things about tonight and tomorrow. Hearing things moving through.
Ploganea: Bruce: Can’t talk about a lot.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: hearing very good things tonight and for tomorrow, hearing things are good. exchange centers ready
Ploganea:  Bruce: Exchange centers and call centers ready. Extremely quiet last 3 to 4 days. Rates still good and solid. We should all be happy. Can’t talk about rates or groups because groups are private.
Ploganea:  Bruce: Have ID together, currency counted, sheet with all the currency maybe zim by denomination.
Mangelo:  Bruce : talked about having your ID’s and have you currency written out on a sheet of paper
Bruce: Main thing at time of exchange, should go quickly if you don’t bog them down with questions. Questions should be with wealth managers later or maybe at a separate office after exchange.
Ploganea:  Bruce: Wealth managers may be around to help process go smoothly. Perks for people who keep money in the bank. Three levels of perks. Thinks it is at WF and other banks as well.
Mangelo:  Bruce: maybe you shouldn’t have a lot of questions for the exchanger, maybe wait to talk with the WM, there are perks for those that decide to leave your currency and they’re 3 packages for us
Mangelo:  Bruce: starting Q & A
Ploganea: Bruce: Call may be very short if can’t get call board working.
Mangelo:  Bruce; is having some tech problems
Ploganea: Bruce: We are close. Take phone with you and keep an eye on email. See what happens in the next day or so. Looks good for the weekend.
Mangelo:  Bruce: we are very close now. keep your phone close to you!
Ploganea: Bruce: Tech problems end the call early. Goal is to have celebration call Tuesday. Ending in prayer.
Mangelo:  Bruce call wont have Q & A thanks for coming in…….Kent praying the call out
Ploganea: Bruce: Praying for all those in financial pain.    Call ended.
The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198, Pin #123456