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Iko Ward : Hi all. There are now 50 tankers in the northern Persian Gulf clustered near three separate super ports. They wouldn’t do this if they were not set up and waiting for letters of credit to take on cargo. Looking good!
Iko Ward:  Two Super Tankers just tied up at Facility on Kharg Island, Iran. Support boats, tugs, crew boat tied up Zagros Petro, major super port on Iran.
Linenman:  IKO looks like it’s on

xyz wrote Abadi draw to secure an appropriate amount Khawwalat treasury of the c​entral bank ​ar&tl=en&u=
The face of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, securing an app​ropriate amount Khawwalat treasury of the Central Bank, as called for ​measures to activate the non-oil revenues.
Dr Rich :  xyz – that is huge and good news as the non oil reveues would be the private banking revenues, like in RI/RV. If that is true, that will make your wood burn, and if not your wood is wet!
Four2atous:  Foundation of Zimbabwe’s valuation for Basel III is mineral=

Four2atous:  Breaking up is hard to do=​-youve-got-dodd-frank-2263896
Four2atous:  What do they know????=​urity-threat.html
Tom66:  Ron Paul Warns: “Watch The Petrodollar”​lar
Chatter:  The United States and European Union are to formally remove economi​c sanctions against Iran this weekend.​CN0US2XW201