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LH:  If you think back over the years, it is amazing to realize all the things we have learned and lived through, events going on around this world of ours that are bringing all of this to fruition. Incredible!
Turkeyhtr :  Art is on om  He says Iran and Iraq will go at same time
Tennwolfman :  this is going to be one hell of a weekend to say the least
BuddyDog: Great News… ​ather-in-anticipation-of-ending-iran-sanctions/2016/01/16/6c48f746-bc4​ b-11e5-829c-26ffb874a18d_story.html?wpisrc=al_alert-COMBO-world%252Bna​ tion\

Four2atous:  Rand down against USD in Zimbabwe=​for+US$1+on+Zim+streets/news.aspx
Four2atous:  “The U.S. will remain the ‘best house in a bad neighborhood’=​ince-july-on-haven-bid-even-as-fed-odds-fall
Four2atous:  How the currency system works in Zimbabwa= Fragility of economy under the multi-currency system   Zim=​the-multi-currency-system/