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Badscott54:  BREAKING NEWS JAN 16 2016, 4:02 PM ET Nuclear Sanctions Lifted Against Iran After Watchdog Verifies Compliance NBC NEWS
International sanctions on Iran were lifted Saturday after the U.N. nuclear agency declared Tehran had complied with an agreement to scale back its nuclear program.
“Implementation day” of the nuclear deal agreed last year marks the biggest re-entry of a former pariah state onto the global economic stage since the end of the Cold War, and a turning point in the hostility between Iran and the United States that has shaped the Middle East since 1979.
Badscott54:  CNN saying their banking system will immediately be able to link to world banking system

Ubetcha:  let’s also remember Iran CBI Not under control of PTB.. Iraq’s is…if someone wanted to hurt that CBI ,in Iraq ow better than to open Iran… this could be a direct hit against PTB 😉 only my hairdresser knows or sure lol
Maggiemoo:  I hope the Iran thing is good,,but the Rial is worst currency in world,,has been, with & without sanctions
Haystack:  If Iran ‘s currency goes back to $3.22 then Iraq would need to be on equal footing along with other ME counytries
Maggiemoo:  Haystack,,,the only thing is,,it may go to 3 bucks,,,I cannot find any record of rial ever being clos to a nickel, in the last 40 years
Jcnc:  maggie – don’t forget that this reset is based on the country’s assets. Iran has a bunch of oil and who knows what else. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes similar to Iraq.
Maggiemoo:  Jc, I agree,,,people keep saying it was over 3 bucks,,,I’ve only seen it at 68.0, that was in 1975,,,then quickly it moved into ranges well worse than Iraq
Fireball92:  I see magg is still unclear on Iran… Iraq n Iran connected at hip. Iran has HUGE, Outlandishly HUGE gas deposits. Iran 4th LARGEST KNOWN oil deposits. A solid industry base. Etc Etc . Kuwait $3.29, Iraq expect $3.40+. How can one deduce that Iran will RI to toilet paper value
KarmaKing: “Lifting sanctions will allow Iran to immediately recoup some $100 billion in assets frozen overseas. Iran will also see huge benefits from new oil, trade and financial opportunities.”
Iko Ward:  First movement their sunrise, our midnight. Oh well, no sleep
Iko Ward : It’s 2AM in Iran. Let’s say it takes crew one hour to reach port. Another hour to get out to the ships. Two hours to fire up and get Tugs in place. Another two hours to dock. 12 hours to load. Total 18 hours. First tankers leaving Iran tomorrow evening.
Pearle: So its economic sanctions lifted
G8way2k:  Pearle I think, by way of the news verbiage, commerce can now begin. That of which was restricted before .
Badscott54:  Pearle they have immediate access to their frozen assets and can immediately link to the world banking system
Bruce3454:  Australian Prime Minister makes unannounced visit to Iraq. Australia with the second largest prescence in Iraq behind USA has had its PM meet with troops and Iraq PM Abadi. Hmmmmmmm
Elmerf123456:  Congrats to my family here. We have all endured in our own rights. Go forward with our new lives and do good for our world. Little hinges swing big doors.
This will enhance the domino effect. Like an expungement this lifting of sanctions is a do over for Iran and with close watchdogs. Next a do over for other countries and a do over for all of us hence the word RESET never sounded sweeter! God Bless Us All!
Xyz:  Poppy on cnn:
Xyz:  BREAKING NEWS: The IAEA says Iran has completed all the necessary ste​ps in an agreement aimed at reining in its nuclear program, clearing t​he way for the removal of some sanctions.​/index.html
International sanctions against Iran lifted