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Platinumrunway:  Here’s the game in a nutshell. PTB hold all the game cards, they can change the rules at any point. Also known as cheating, but what if something comes along to level the playing field and allow everyone a chance to play without a last second rule change. That is whats taking place now.
No more playing by their unfair rules, daddys home, and his belt is much bigger and thicker.
I doubt we will hear an actual announcement, keep in mind noone is suppposed to know.
AJMO603:  China is the Daddy….Squeezed the bad guys money the last 10 days in the markets

Whitetiget:  PLatinum I remember Daddy’s big thick belt,if this is the case, this will surely be an attention getter
Airam:  PLATINUM do you think this will be over by FEB….or at least how it looks now ….could that be possible …always remembering IRAK IS IRAK
PlatinumRumway:  Airam this very well SHOULD be well than over by Feb
AJMO603:  Airam Iraq has not been the one slowing this down…
Beethovin:  Interesting, informative Yahoo article on Iran: LINK