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REI:  Let’s think about this for a second. Are they going to let Iran have $150 BILLION, a drone, 2 of our naval boats, about 20 hardened Gitmo terrorists, nuclear reactors intact to RI/RV and Iraq is not allowed to because of security issues??? Waiter, can I have some more Kool Aid???? Come on and let it go!!!!
Tennwolfman:  old WM called me a short while ago and told me my contact info was still kept in the bank files and I would be called when the RV occurred.. She said she was asked to go silent(step down with info)–She chose to not step down but to step out because of what she knew
Maggiemoo:  Just an FYI, the rial was never $3.22, I’m not saying it won’t be, but unlike Vietnam & Iraq, if the rial is a nickel, that’s triple the value it’s ever been

Ivantulafitov:  Rial 10 year chart