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Iko Ward:  Hey guys, should have some solid info later this afternoon. Been really focused on the shipping world because that is proof positive of any intel we are getting. Too many articles and theories and my brain gets full. If ten oil tankers tie up to Iran we’re done. Have a good day and maybe take a moment to reflect on Dr. King’s message and actions.
Northern Gulf is now showing true signs of life, mostly cargo, but tankers are taking position. Goods are moving. That’s a nice feeling.
Guys, the problem now is we all know how to get intel. Some of it’s important, some of it isn’t. I am now firmly in the “show me” arena. Get me into a bank that wants my business. Show me a hundred ships leaving the Pacific Rim and the Arabian Sea., Get Kerry back in front of a camera talking about the GCR….. See you all later
Suggar:  that helps the their economy but how does it help us to the exchange

Shane:  suggar when ship are moving the GCR is under way
Skyward100:  This may not be the one Iko is retiring to but I was just reading this​ article.​is-back-in-business/
Harambe:  Reuters: A world divided: Elites descend on Swiss Alps amid rising inequality