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lilypad :  f26 says legally have until end of June but Delta and f26 says no way country will wait until then. Maybe can make it to the end of Feb or First of March economically. They also say Iraq will get rate first and will function a while monitored before article 8 lifted and rates go international.
F26 also says rial and dinar will go together with dinar leading way. Some 20 cirriencies in basket now. This was not his opinion. Very emphatic
okrocks : 01/21/2016 01:39:00 Issued number (4394) of the Gazette of Iraq, and ensure that the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2016 Act, which passed the House of Representatives and endorsed by the Presidency of the Republic. this is where it is posted
Badscott54:  Iran was immediately linked to the World Banking system. How can they not have a international rate regardless of high or low

TnDr: Iran had a fully functions govt, no disruptions from the likes of Isis…plus, IMO, it is part of the plan for the ME to be on parity. IMO
TnDr:  Good message from Ray in OM early today…P & P…Perseverance & Patience…if this happens today, tomorrow, next week or later we cannot control that. Be strong, stay the course, practice what you have learned.