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Houston:  Jim Cramer of Squawk Box said he heard there “could be” a worldwide economic stimulus in the next 72 hours but declined to say what it might be.
Elevator:  folks, please keep in mind… no one will know exactly when this goes down… don’t expect an “announcement” to tell us exactly the time. Imagine what kind of problems that would create! Be patient… the mods and certain gurus are doing they best they can. It’s coming. But no, don’t expect it on CNN Live” 🙂 Think more of a hidden headline on some website, a tweet from RR or some other “hint” that’s supposed to be hidden from the masses. Keep the faith!
ToddP:  This GCR involves so many moving parts and information comes from people’s point of view to it. Therefore, lots of false positives from those people’s perspective. Also, nobody every said they guarantee it to be a cakewalk. We are earning every dime on this roller coaster. Great days are ahead. Just continue to live your life and the blessing will happen in due time. BTW, everyone is chomping on the bit for good info including me. Have faith.
OKRocks:  Xi announces millions in aid, billions in loans for Middle East

January 22, 2016, 5:56 am
The Chinese government has decided to pledge 50 million yuan ($7.53 million) to help improve the lives of besieged Palestinians and 230 million yuan ($35 million) for the violence-hit countries Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen as humanitarian assistance, Chinese President Xi announced in Egypt.
The aid to Palestine will support a solar power station project in its territories.
Xi also reiterated the BRICS position on Palestinian statehood.
“China firmly supports the Middle East peace process and supports the establishment of a State of Palestine enjoying full sovereignty on the basis of the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital,” Xi told the Arab League’s delegates at their headquarters in Cairo.
Along with the rest of the West Bank, Israeli forces occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 war.
Xi also stressed that the Palestinian issue should not “fall into oblivion” as it is of fundamental importance to peace in the Middle East.
“Maintaining the legitimate interests of the Palestinian people is the responsibility of the Arab League as well as the international community,” Xi said.
The Chinese leader stressed that the international community should promote the resumption of the talks that collapsed in April 2014.
The visiting Chinese President on Thursday said it is crucial to promote development in the Arab world.
To aid industrialization in the Middle East, Beijing is going to hand out a number of loan programs, including a $15 billion exclusive loan, $10 billion in commercial loans and $10 billion in preferential loans to facilitate production capacity cooperation between China and the Middle Eastern states.
Xi described the Middle East region, not in the usual terms of “wars and tumult”, but as a “land of abundance.” ……………