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Artneto:  Bruce’s last call said midnight Saturday we should see RV. Uhhh, today is Sunday! But every call someone asks about taxes and his response is that he does not anticipate having to pay federal taxes
Art:  One reason there may be no tax is if the the ‘big boys’ (gov folks) paid no tax when they exchanged.
Luvwolfs:  Art good point. They wouldn’t want back taxes assessed.
FreedomBoomer:  Amended Investment law OFFICIALLY posted in the Gazette – Saturday 1-23-2016

Depaul13:   BAGHDAD, Jan 21 (Reuters) – Iraq plans to sell local bonds to the public for the first time since 2003, with a 5 trillion dinar ($4.24 billion) issue expected this year, the finance minister said on Thursday, as the country seeks to cover a widening budget deficit.
Imperium:  folks.. IMO, this interview will enlighten you about where we’ve been,​ where we are, and what’s unfolding and why. It’s a must listen for al​l dinarians​ncial-insider/
Xyz:  Rafidain Bank has the “largest” financial stocks in the regi​on with assets of $ 210 billion ​ tl=en&u= ​0
rrrr :  It’s down to 40 degrees in Ft Lauderdale this morning. What’s up with that? The flowers are crying. It has silenced my cat. I hear that the city council is meeting today, to outlaw this cold, and send it away. But there’s another source of warmth about to arrive here any day, so my fellow Floridians, hold tight, please don’t dismay. We’ll soon feel the warmth as RV lights our way.
BadScott54:  Assign A Priority To Each Hour of Your Day. Your life is like a train on the Track of Success. Each day God gives you 24 golden box cars (hours) to load up. What you place in each box car, or hour, determines the speed and the distance your train will move toward your next city of accomplishment. Make your life count today. Every hour is a Seed. You control The Harvest. Dr. Mike Murdock 1/24/16