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Four2atous:  “The Fed borrows billions of dollars daily to put a floor under its ​benchmark policy rate and this business has become dominated by overse​as monetary authorities, instead of the U.S.-based money-market mutual​ funds who had been expected to be the biggest players”. =​tner-to-manage-rates-foreign-central-banks
Four2atous:  Oil price “ooze” creates slippery path=​iraq-s-fight-with-islamic-state-abadi-says
Four2atous:  Pretty new package ……wonder what is inside?= ​s-new-ways-to-sell-old-opaque-products-to-retail-investors
Four2atous:  Strange Trades=​nd-as-big-mac-yields-valuations-head-south

SassyD:  Top Economist – Who Predicted the 2008 Crash – Confirms What Alternati​ve Financial Sites Have Been Saying for a Decade —​008-crash-confirms-what-alternative-financial-sites-hav