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AJTexas:  The RV will come, and the banks are getting ready for us. This is from my personal experience recently with my wealth manager and banker. When I told what I had she stated that her peers also has clients who have the four currencies we’ve been watching for over a year.
She was excited that she would get the opportunity to exchange me and that she would contact me or, I could contact her if I heard first.
Imperium:  IMHO, Iraq has little to nothing to say about the largest banking reset in the history of the planet…. They certainly play a part… but their part does not include the go button decision. IMHO
WTCutter:  This answers a lot of question of missing tankers off of Iran pub on 1/22/2016

SassyD:  Canada will lift Iran sanctions: FM — Wed, 27 Jan 2016 00:12:12 GMT -​-​ift-Iran-sanctions–FM