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RTG:  has anyone heard confirmation on Bruce’s comment about Singapore  Link
LH:  RTG I didn’t think Bruce would comment about Singapore unless he had confirmation.
RDMart:  LH – so if Singapore has it showing on their screens – makes you wonder about other places. AND – what level of screens that is showing?
RTG:  rdmart…………haven’t thought of it that way I assumed TV screens

RDMart:  RTG – That would put them on par with the people in Iraq. The information put on those screens needs to be factual and not just hopium. That is why I was wondering if they were bank screens?
LoveJoy:  rdmart. Bruce said TV screens, ticker (ribbon) going across bottom of screen
RDMart:  Lovejoy – TY. Means the whole population is aware of the event.
Rayfaulk:  Hi Gang… Morning and scrolling quickly up I saw something that I think you should read again… Daz commented, “SOMETIMES ITS JUST BETTER TO STICK YOUR CURRENCY IN THE BACK OF YOUR SOCK DRAWER AND PEACEFULLY GO ON WITH LIFE AND LET TIME AND CIRCUMSTANCES WORK OUT THE MYSTERIES.” Even though the RV could come at any minute, go out live your life, and find joy in your life and bring some joy to others… Let the RV surprise you… Wise words…
Iko Ward:  Ships go POOF again. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat….RORARRRR…wrong hat.
NWMontana:  Good day all .Ikos right.  …A little over halfway thru article, read about how ships shut down transponders
Gtov725:  With the ships doing all of the hiding, that would mean they want money or they are hiding because it is international and no one is supposed to know. How clever or stupidly sad.