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TNT Highlights from The Big Call
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: This is not a true celebration call — yet. Anything’s possible in the next hour or so.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: welcome and we are in a waiting mode
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Call will probably be just an hour tonight so you can catch the debate if you want to

Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Kent going to pray in call.
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Today went dark and quiet in terms of information. Sometimes that’s good.
Bruce: Need to hold on and trust that it’s true.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: starting prayer request now
Mangelo:  Bruce call: prayer request done now
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: What we are hearing is limited but very positive
Mangelo:  Bruce, Intel now…..what are we hearing is limited…and the GCR is taking place
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: We understand that the GCR itself is officially taken place and dinar is at $3.71 rate in Simgapore, Phillipines and far eastern countries…Bruce: Doesn’t know which countries in addition to those two
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: When Abadi was in Davos, he was given the green light by CL with IMF to go ahead and get this done
Mangelo:  Bruce : Abadi was in Davos and given the green light by CL with the IMF to ahead
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: We believe everything in Iraq has been completed — some weeks ago, some months ago
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Something said to Bruce yesterday that Abadi is to make announcement in mosque tomorrow morning Iraq time (tonight over here)
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Maybe that’s a trigger.
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Whales have been exchanged, from Friday night up until last night and possibly into today
Mangelo:  Bruce call: abadi is to give announcement tomorrow morning in the Masque
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: One of the larger humanitarian finding sources we all would know has received their funds into the multiple trillions, and those funds will be accessible tomorrow night to them
Bruce: Even though we’re waiting, we understand that everything is ready from a banking point of view. Rates are live, good, right where they need to be
Mangelo:  Bruce call: funds will be available to the humanitarian sources and live rates
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: What was to be 1/2 a trillion of toxic debt, from China’s perspective, has been reduced down to about a billion dollars — may even be gone now…This is to prepare for the new paradigm we’re moving into (asset-backed currencies)
Bruce: We’re hearing China is to put out a gold-backed yuan in April
Bruce: As of this morning, 8 million barrels of oil were in transport from Iran to China and Japan, and we know they were 100% paid for shortly after they got into international waters
Mangelo:  Bruce: understand they are going to put out a asset backed yuan in April
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Over 5K Tier 1 and 2 bank locations have synced up and had their codes delivered for activation…Bruce: …and they have had the proper tally of TRNs and USNs and have the proper quota for each bank location and off-site exchange locations … as of last Sunday, even in the snow
Mangelo:  Bruce: they have over 5,000 currency exchange center shave gotten all their codes last Sunday
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Everything from a government standpoint set; prosperity packages will go out as soon as RV is triggered in US
Bruce: vehicles have been mustered, individuals have been notified for that
Bruce: We’re down to last few days, maybe hours for this to go thru
Bruce: We thought this could have gone anytime in past three or four days to go thru
Bruce: ASking everyone to hold on for as long as it takes
Mangelo: Bruce: prosperity packages are ready to go when the RV is triggered
Cloudwalker: Bruce: I’m seeing more things in evidence. He has faith. “Faith is the evidence of things hoped for but not yet seen.” We have not seen this yet.
Mangelo:  Bruce: is seeing evidence of this, having faith
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Everyone on this call is part of the internet group (will get 800 #s when they come out; he will put them out), others are part of WF group (formerly General 64 group, but not anymore), some part of a group dealing with the admiral
Mangelo:  Bruce: it’s all good, don’t know when it’s going to happen but in a good window for this to happen
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: It’s all good. We are very close to this going down. Can’t tell you when. But he believes we’re in a new time window for this to go down. We have to continue to be patient.
Bruce: Without getting himself in too deep, that’s what he can tell us right now.
Bruce: Rates for dinar on screen higher than he told last time. Dong about the same as it was. Zin is a little higher than it’s been for a little while now, and in a really good place.
Bruce: We think the Rial will come out pretty close to what the dinar is now.
Bruce: Iran/Iraq? couldn’t be shipping this oil without a rate attached to it
Mangelo:  Bruce is saying the rates are good for the Dinar, Dong, Zim is higher and the Rial is close to the Dinar now
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: We are as close as we’ve ever been. We think there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes that is preparatory for what we are expecting.
Mangelo: Bruce is now in Q & A one question!!!
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: what CL was taking about the reforms of the 2010 and maybe needed to happen
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: Can you clarify what CL said in her speech about BRICS countries? Bruce: Remember her talking about the reforms of 2010 … was congratulations to the IMF for having passed this, and it could be something that needed to happen before this all went down. We looked at it as a positive thing.
Bruce (cont.): We heard the FDIC is going to insure accts of unlimited amount in accts that are in NOW accts and non-interest-bearing accts.
Mangelo:  Bruce: FDIC is going to insure all accounts
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: Can you say more about prosperity packages? Bruce: I’m not an expert in them, but there are a number of vehicles that have been set aside to begin delivery to the people who have known about and been involved in them for a long time (20 years in some cases).
Bruce (cont.): Money given to a paymaster, then divided to people who are to do positive things with the money. Up to 200 people in some cases.
Bruce (cont.): Believes those packages will go out when the green light is on for the RV.
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: Talking about WSOM call, and asking Bruce about it. He says they have a guy on named Josef today … Bruce: Understands he’s a wise fellow …
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: talking about Yoesef on the wsomn call
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: Says that Josef says that the Zim is a bond because of the paper it’s printed on. Paper you can default on in a bankruptcy, but a bond you can’t….Bruce response: He heard this previously (about the bond thing). He thinks the caller is right. Thinks we will transact this as a currency exchange. Zimbabwe is a very wealthy country. Currency has great value.
Mangelo:  Bruce: talking about the Zim is a bond
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: What do you know that Dr. Clarke and the Billy Goat don’t know?
Bruce: Does not believe the March or April time frame. He *does* believe the dong is over $2.
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: Pastor Tony got into a bad accident…Bruce is paying
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: When we go to the bank, we were told to mention that the zim is a historical bond … also have heard that the zim could go to a very high rate….Bruce: Has heard .57 for zim, has heard that much higher rate (cloudwalker note: Bruce doesn’t want to put that higher rate out on the call, so even tho he mentioned it, I don’t want to type it)
Bruce: Ask for the best rate you can get at the bank, but let’s just see what it comes out at.
Bruce: It’s a great rate right now. If it gets higher, we’ll do more with it.
Bruce: Rate out there now is in in the mid-30s for zim.
Mangelo:  bruce caller: on the Zim rate is good and I know it’s .35 that’s what I know now
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: That’s the only rate I will put out there right now. Don’t get your hopes up for now. We’ll see where it comes out.
Cloudwalker: Bruce caller: Does the dong rate look better than .47? Bruce: It’s WAAAAAY over that
Bruce (cont): Like the other caller asked, it’s over $2
Mangelo:   Dong is way over .47 it’s over $2
Cloudwalker:  Regarding the bond issue, Bruce said he had heard about that previously, then remembered that he had heard about it when the caller mentioned it on WSOM call (Josef). I don’t believe Bruce said definitively if he thought it was true or not.
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: Just because we see rates right now, doesn’t mean they will be that when we get to the bank. Sucker rates? If you’re not in a group, what would you do?
Bruce: .47 would be a sucker rate on the dong … you need to go in more quickly rather than less quickly. Contract rates won’t be there for that long.
Bruce caller: what you do if the rates a very low, would you come back….you can negotiate and I wouldn’t wait
Bruce (cont.): Go in, you can negotiate up a bit on the rates depending on your project plans, etc. That will go a long way for you as far as getting a better rate. I wouldn’t wait on this unless you really want to play the game, you are doing well financially, and you want to wait.
Cloudwalker:  Bruce caller: Does the US have to establish relevant tax law for this to RV?
Bruce: no, I don’t believe so. As far as we know, from a federal point of view, this is not a taxable event. States may have something to say about capital gains tax (states that collect state income tax). Other than that, I don’t think it will be an issue
Bruce: GCR is poised and ready to go and is live in some countries across the far east. Hasn’t made its way here to where it…it’s known yet. Some whales exchanging … groups, including internet group, we are waiting on the go ahead
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: there maybe taxes, state taxes, every state is different, The RV is live in Asia countries but it hasn’t made it here yet!
Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Our country is last on this. Things happening behind the scenes. It’s going through. We just don’t have it here yet.
Mangelo:  Bruce call ended the Q & A
Mangelo:  Bruce call: Bruce is praying us out
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