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Iko Ward:  We’ve got a $2 spread now between WTI and Brent. This is how we used to ride. Galveston is looking normal from a shipping standpoint, but Iran is still blacked out to us little guys. Everyone is still ready ready, I’m talking countries, international business, banks, oil…you name it
SoCal :   New York City’s ports, the busiest on the East Coast, ground to halt​ after an “apparent labor walk off,”​ shut-down-after-apparent-labor-walk-off
Tank :   Zap said on Tuesday their funds would be available, Bruce said Friday night for “a humanitarian group we would all know.” Zap also said funds had been released
Mangelo:  if Iran is supposed to go and they are saying so is Iraq on the 31 st then I am hoping for some kind of craziness tomorrow after 4 pm!!!

Yada:  Mangelo. Every thing is bonded  on Iraq. Iraq goes first…. But the rv of the dinar gives the other countries their new values…. Rv first everything else afterwards
Onetyme:  If the swift codes go live On Feb 1. I can’t see iran not negotiating a rate at least equal to Saudi Arabia. IMO
RVAlready:  Iran made an agreement with Iraq that they would wait for Iraq. That’s why Abadi is pulling out all the stops to get ready. Iran is being nice, but it probably won’t wait forever. At the rate the PTB is destroying the world economy, I don’t think anyone can wait too much longer. The situation is dire.
Maggiemoo:  Iran probably won’t be nice forever either,,,just to add to your statement !
RVAlready:  I think this whole thing will go very soon. The PTB have sucked the world dry…. The fact that Iraq sold 100 billion worth of property to get ready speaks loudly to me.
Tank :  It could mean today, there’s no rules as far as I know. They might wait for markets to close. I’ve heard they had it planned for 3:00 on different days in times past
Star339:  Iko Ward ….. It appears it will all happen at once …The RV, the crash, the entry of Iran and Iraq onto the world stage, China going asset backed…and by all at once I mean within days!!
Mangelo:  if they are saying that in Southeast Asia exchanges are going on…. we just have to wait till i comes to us.
DustyS:  I don’t remember anyone saying that there were exchanges in Singapore –just that they were seeing it on bank screens at 3.71–correct me if I’m wrong please 🙂
SaBickford:  Dusty Iko Ward wroteGuys, forget the Singapore intel. It didn’t happen. May have even been a sting for all we know.