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Yada:  here is something for your considerations,,,,,,,Ray has mentioned the memos from the few banks and an agency source all within the same range to see the RV before or on that day,,,another piece to add to that is the banks were excited when they received their codes that would used for the RV,,,about to go down folks
He confirmed they received those codes on Monday the first,,and they have an expiration so not the 8th more like 3 days from Monday,,,that is why he said yesterday or today, and could anticipate even Wednesday,,
Heavenishome:  my own personal back wall guess would be the 8th withthe chinese new year
Yada:  Doubt very much Heavinishome that the Chinese are controling this as much as some are claiming,,the Chinese are prepping their world but they are not controling it,,

Beethovin;  I believe the IMF, U.S. Treasury, China, GOI, BOI, and coalition partners have a checklist that hasn’t been all checked off yet. When it does, the world has the RV,
Rrrr: RV Groundhog Day starts out with the exact same line. “lotta good stuff supposed to happen” and “anything happen yet?”….. My phone is set on loud… every night as I retire… so I won’t miss that TWEET that will light up my fire…But… Each day I wait and learn one more good thing’s been done… But, How many of these good things are left?… are they continually being UNDONE? But, Alas…Our Moment is Here’, I just know it is then… so I’ll wait and I’ll wait for that tweet… that tweet Oh so sweet!