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GodLovesYou:  .there is a lot involved with reevaluating currency. The US economy and the world economy must be balanced. The chamge can effect pricing….and that will effect the poor and the middle class most And they are on time…..there is no delay….we just got to grin and wait..
Yada:  here is the clues,,,,Ray stated we are still within the dates of “before or by this date” the bank and agency memos stated and yesterday, he confirmed that the banks were more excited on Monday than Friday because they received the codes they would use for the exchanges,,, that is why he stated they were expecting us yesterday or today and I would adventure to say Wednesday before the codes expire
JJF:  yada – why would the codes expire?
Yada:  they would change them if not used to keep the banks in line,,,, JJF,,look at the codes as a tempory pin code we would receive when we receive a new debit card,,

Yada:  JJF,,some banks are pre-exchanging with customers but not at the full rates,,those banks, I believe, are not drawing those funds from the Treasury as we would be when we exchange, the banks are giving them money with anticipation of the RV from their own coffers,,,the codes are the release authorization for the exchanges at what ever rates they establish
Yada:  keeps the banks from doing an Oklahoma and going before everyone else…. Oklahom a is called the sooner state because on the day of the free land give away, there were some who went sooner than the rest to get the best property
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