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Intel Highlights from the Big Call
PinkRoses: Bruce call: I am excited for tonight, things are rock and rolling out there. Opening call with prayer
Bruce call: Special treat, exciting intel tonight, Bob guest speaker
Bruce call: Bruce: I am very pleased with the progress this week. The things going on around the world are coming to fruitation.

The Iraqs key cards were activated yesterday. They are being used or about to be utilize in Iraq
Bruce: They can be used around the world. the rate last rate 3.78 in Iraq. things moved for Iran. Expect Iran and Iraq part of the first basket.
What is happening from a banking point of view is that the rates have been changing on screen for days, and contintue to do so at a faster pace. that is very good for us.
Bruce: Seeing rates updated, codes added in, things up to speed to get ready for the exchange process. What we are hearing is positive things, and regarding our new currency the USN. Heard the TRns out there and used internationally in number of currency. USN gold back about to be available.
Bruce: I know that some groups have begun exchanging again. the groups we are all part of are in a process where we should be notified very shortly. Chinese new year begins Feb 8
Bruce’ They want this completed this year. Which will be this Saturday. I heard regarding things moving along nicely. huge amounts of funds are moving around now… more historical bond funds made liquid today….. a process of 72 hours, took place yesterday.
Bruce: there are major major monies moving around not only for us but humanitarian projects. there are the donars and participants, cant confirm this, some have gone out. a two part process.
Bruce: I am walking a tight rope here. I say this: I believe that it is possible we could hear very good things about the possibility of hours to few days. looking very good, stronger than ever been. things happening…. cant bring it out. all very good
Bruce: timing very close. I do believe we in position for this to go down before Chinese new year which is next Monday.
Bruce: good shape to pre- celebrate. very excited. look forward to staying exciting through this process.
Bruce call: Do you realize what we going to be able to bring? Health, technology, etc? Everything to tech, to nutrition, advances all part of, expanding our minds in these areas.
Bruce call: Guest speaker Bob on medical field
Bruce call: Intel over
Bruce call: Q and A with guest speaker, Kent, or Bruce
Bruce caller: when you had trouble with the system, you started to talk about going to the bank, several different levels depending on the amount of currency, and prosperity packages?
Bruce: prosperity packages hard for us to understand, been around for 20 to 30 years, signed up and told they will be contacted, cant go further on that.
Bruce: different levels, depending on amount of currency, set yourself in position might be able to. let them know you are going to do more than buy toys for yourself, projects you wish to do, humanitarian projects, growing food, providing clean water which is going to be huge around the world, it is big, something we need to be aware of. be ready to discuss 30 seconds that you are involved and interested in doing things for humanity. you can possible to negotiate certain rates based on that,
Bruce: willing to leave your money there for 2 to 5 years or longer, developing a relationship with the bank
Bruce caller: how we doing? Bruce: you will be doing fine shortly, what we cant do is make accurate predictions because we all thought we are right there, then we werent….. be expectant to come through shortly, everything point to it.
Bruce caller; you think the dong one of the first one to go first? Bruce: yes, there is a designation with all those currencies, it is indicating for all those currencies to RV right now
Bruce: it is close, no worries, should be here before we know it
Bruce caller: I am hearing that when we go to the exchange, can we ask for a contract rate for the Zim?
Bruce: we been hearing different things on the Zim, my understanding we have an opportunity to get much higher rate than we thought available, there is a screen rate, whether you can negotiate higher tthan that, cant say at this time.
Bruce; our expectation like the Chinese going to take a high percentage of the Zim. it is a currency for us to exchange, but also a historical bond. right now the rate is going to be there going to be extrodinary good,
Bruce: I say get in and exchange it on the rate of the screen.
Bruce caller: I was reading that the codes are in but have experation date
Bruce: they do, there are things part of the code structure when new information is gathered, new codes entered. i believe new codes entered today that is what i heard. pointing before the 8th, start of the Chinese New Year
Bruce caller: appreciation, in it for 6 years. my understanding about dinar, not allow to buy
Bruce: other countries involved, most of the countries allowed to buy dinar, some buy it online, i dont know. what happens the rate each country exchange for depends on involvement in the gulf war interms of funds, effort, involvement.
Bruce: The countries that showed they wanted to invest in Iraq last week, they were able to tweak their rate. They raised a 100billion dollars in investment for Iraq. Certain countries maybe prohibited to buy Iraq currency. Iraq ready to be international, a electronic dinar between countries, this is getting under way now.
Bruce caller: ready to sell some dinar, in hard times. Bruce: there are outlets like ebay, prices all over the place like Zim. I would say hang on little bit longer. You will kick yourself if you can make it.
Bruce: getting a phone call
Bruce back. Bruce: wish you would hold on little bit longer, almost home
Bruce caller: Q and A done
Bruce call: Kent closing call in prayer
The Big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198, Pin #123456