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zzzzzzzz Police sources reported that gunmen stole the salaries of Paper Mill’s officials, ministry of industry, in a second similar operation yesterday.

The thieves stole 211 million Iraqi dinars in north of Baghdad. The sources added that the culprits fled to unknown destination. Earlier, the salaries of a department in the Iraqi Education Ministry, were stolen in east of Baghdad.

Iraqi governmental departments are suffering of such attempts during the transfer of the money between the banks and the departments. Some of the culprits were arrested, while more fled away.

Kman posted:: BREAKING!!!! Parliament votes/pass FULL “Investment Law” – YouTube…

JumpinJackFlash:  Maybe now that the Investment law has passed…the bankers will start calling us in…:)

Ivantulafitov:  Only one more law to go!! The imma getmymoney law (roughly translated)