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Iko ward:   Hi guys, Forex went through a very quick cycle this AM from 7:15 to around 9:30. They polled at 1099 and then polled again to 1097 but then reset to 1166. A fast cycle. No other news. Last night was the big one, though I hear some people denied it happened. Just another lesson for all of us. Listen, Listen, Listen. Verify, Verify, Verify. Conclude Conclude Conclude. The hang out, let it sink in before you act.,

NoNo:  GA TNT… quick question – did it strike anyone in here as a bit of a curiosity, that something that was/has always so contentious (The Budget Battle), on the Hill was quietly resolved with pretty much everyone getting what they wanted in it without so much as a peep of the conversation on MSM (Main Stream Media)

Isa52bc:  NONO, yes I thought the budget passing was a VERY good sign!

Tada:  NONO…could be they know something may occur that will bail them out Big Time…happen before w/ Bill C & Kawait…remember?

NoNo:  Tada – I do indeed… it was a mystery to me way back then, how we went from flat broke to flush with cash overnight… even turned the debt clock in Times Square off… and I wondered to myself way back then; ‘the things that make you go hmmmmm’, now I know… and I’m waiting till the time I can turn my own debt clock off and pitch in the dumpster..

BSquared: I believe the budget passage was directly tied to the increase in the debt ceiling. Qid pro quo.

Artie01:  Nono. Budget to be voted on tonight,probably. Takes national debt to almost 20T.

OkRocks: The White House and congressional leaders reached a tentative deal Mon​day on a two-year budget plan that also would raise the federal debt l​imit.​-us-budget-debt-limit-reached/

NoNo: Okrocks / B2 – sounds like what we’re waiting on might be tied up with Congressional ratification of the new numbers… but then, that wouldnt line up with Tony’s comments about the holdup NOT being because of the USA.

BSquared: N0N0: For some strange reason, I believe the vote is a formality. Simply rubber-stamping a deal that is already made.

NoNo B2 – I agree completely… the public spin on the private dance is always an after thought, or a purposeful misdirection… I’ve known it was a done deal two weeks ago, when they (GOP) were doing their usual daffy duck routine over it and planned parent hood….


elmerf123456 We are still great. I have a lot of belief this is within our reach. I believe it has to go quickly do to a lot of technical marketing stuff and that’s the timing. I look for this certainly anytime and that meaning way befor the end of the month. I can’t predict and don’t like timelines but I understand the need for now in its complexities involved and why IMF is afraid.

elmerf123456 : The FED and IMF’s job is to look for a fix. The problem is there isn’t one in this case but one thing! We know what that is.

elmerf123456 : In the game of Chess there are initially many moves until the counter moves happen. Then there are less moves and then only a couple of moves and then only a move! We are most defiantly at check!!!

Tbirdd : imf is afraid to let it go??

elmerf123456 : TBirrd no. Let’s leave it there. They know what they must do and have to embrace the inevitable. That’s what they are dealing with.


Elmerf123456:  The Summit

When man first aspired to reach the summit of Everest, he thought…..NO Way!!! how in the world can I do this?

It was first a fantasy, a hope or dream which led to a burning passion regardless of popular opinions from the outside.

It turned into something that they must do, a strong calling if you will, even though they knew what the costs may be.

they were told by those close to not dare this attempt and to dream of something less risky .

This only awakened a fire inside them, too seek out something that very few have done or even dare to dream of doing.

Family…prepare to reach the Summit!     Elmer