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TBirdd:  iko wrote: GM everyone. It is my opinion that Forex has now joined the misinformation crowd and no longer is a reliable indicator. I am concluding this from both public and private intel plus my own analysis of their recent activity. We are now green for go and simply waiting for the final push.

IKO also said: The banks will control the initial rates. Do not look to Forex or any other trading platform in the first few days at least. It’s OK. The banks want our business. We can ask to see their screens. This is all a part of the plan so we dont have market panics, runs on banks, etc. so this is good news for us, not bad.

InfinitePower:  Tbirdd –good point… The Powers That Be knows that we are trying to figure out the timing of the RV via the Forex… Therefore, they will use the Forex to keep us misinformed…..

TBirdd:  Infinite—-agree.. banks want to control the rates — but that must give leverage for those who want to negotiate..


Kue911:  To dream the impossible dream. To fight the impossible foe. To try when your arms are to weary. To reach the impossible RRRRVVVV.


JennerferV:  Tony and Iko say to read between the lines when necessary. Many have exchanged. We are in a holding pattern that has more and more pressure added daily.

We can’t go backwards, too much has been accomplished. Just think about all the hints we’re getting from Iraq……. no more rioting, communication slowing down, and some people reporting money in their accounts.

The flood gates are feeling the pressure. The PTB don’t want the masses to find out. I’m feeling very hopeful!!!

Also, the information has trickled down the smallest of banks, I believe. A fellow dinarian called small regional bank in Ohio on Monday. She called to ask about rates and the women told her…….Wow! You are about the 30th caller today to ask.

No rates yet to report, but you will be able to exchange here! Wow! Now, that’s in a town of 5,000 people. I’m just going to keep the faith!!