In TNT 

Red:  how about a RV today folks

Dizzyob:  From your lips to Gods ear red

JerseyMike:  I’m tired of typing the same old story about Iraq Parl just sitting there. Mailki playing games…Iran playing games. Been the same for 12 years I’ve been in this. Just saying….

OPhoenix1:  We can’t expect much movement until they FINALLY vote on new PM — that is the blocking point

JerseyMike:  And they won’t move forward voluntarily. Need the people to threaten to burn the whole thing down b4 anything gets done. Same story all over the world

OPhoenix1:  the people ARE peacefully protesting by occupying the empty Parliment offices!

JerseyMike:  ophoenix1 and that’s what gives me hope that we just might be at the end of this.

Yada:  Folks. We really are in the best of positions to finally receive our expected end. The repeated cycle has come to an end and now, Kazemi is in position for complete control.

Al:  It would seem to be a good thing if they go to a caretaker government and stabilize the country, then restructure their government to a democratic three part system like we have. executive , legislative and judiciary….. maybe that was Sadrs end game all along.

Yada: Just like Kazemi was appointed for PM the sects are going to insist he stay until the next elections


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