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Iko Ward:  At 7:54 PM EST tonight the Forex screen polled all it’s currencies to 0.0000 in the change column. Then slowly began repopulating one pip at a time. Same thing happened Monday at Midnight, EST. Like they are rebooting.

Ole sailor:  Iko now THAT is a GOOD THING

TaDa:  Iko…but they are trading?

Iko ward:  Yes, this time they are trading.

23skidoo:  Iko would that be the only way to add new formulas and activate them or not necessary

Ole Sailor:  Iko wow now this begs the question, if they didn’t want it to show on forex for four or five days and now we are seeing this, looks like the cheese has a major move on,
Las:  Thanks ole and too-tall. Then why does trading this time make a difference to the excitement level?

Ole Sailor:  Las if they are trading it can make adjustments, and hopefully fall in line with the bank screens, if they are still hsowing the rates, forex follows the leader, the banks not the other way around.