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[Sallypuff] I am posting this again as the room was pretty  dead when I posted it last evening. Please post if you heard anything to the contrary by Tony in yesterday’s call. 10:46 PM [Sallypuff] I came back in after I shut the computer down to state an important point about today’s call, that I had completely forgotten. Tony did NOT say, I will be here Monday, if need be. That tells me he was and is totally convinced the RV will be announced prior to Monday, Nov. 2nd.

[Sallypuff] Here is another one from last evening: 10:54 PM [Sallypuff] Just have to share this before signing off again. yada wrote 19m ago Interesting story folks,,wife and I contracted with a WM with wells in the Delaware.

She went through an alumni contact who referred her to the NorthEast Philly/Delaware. All went well except when she attempted to make an appointment, the WM said makes them a week out,,because we hadn’t RV’d yet, had to wait. She gets a call today from the secretary of the WM that he resigned and instead of working out the 2 weeks, they let him go with pay

[Sallypuff] One more from last evening: 10:55 PM [Sallypuff] I suspect he bought Dinars or other currencies, and said to himself, I don’t need this job anymore. Now I say goodnite again.


Haystack:  GM all. Waiting for this RV is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s there just keep looking. When we find it we will know it was worth the wait.