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Tennwolfman  OK, Here We Go

I went to my appointment and met with my W/M. She said the rates WERE on the screen but not the tellers screen.  She also said her reason for me coming in was—This thing is so close that it can happen at any time.

There was a process that will take place when people come in to exchange and she wanted to get all my things(cashiers checks for payoffs, etc) and other things we had talked about taken care of up front so in my excitement I wont leave anything out.

In other words–simplify things. I gave her my list of things to do and she made a copy.  She said that she feels good that I am a jump start ahead now and ready.. Imagine a wealth manager saying – its that close.

Now please remember–She called me to come in. please dont bombard the banks and W/M because it simply doesnt work that way..

Guess what????  Its here–hang on just a little while longer and then live life like you have always wanted to live. And PIF for sure.  Love you guys–Wolfy

From Chat:

TennWolfMan:  ok folks–all I know is what the W/M told me–she has an idea that its upon us unless something changes, no one really knows but what she did this morning was fire up my hopes again

She would not let me see the screen–She said that the rates fluctuated and besides she didnt have the athority to show or tell rates

I know in my knower that we are so very close now- Thank you Lord

RValready:  Tenn, did they take your currency, or just your info?

TennWoldMan:  rvalready-took pictures of the serial numbers but I kept the currency….not a wf bank

RValready:  I love the fact that the WM told you it was a scam, and now she is setting you up to exchange.


mangelo :my friend just text me and said we are going to meet him [the Iraqi] around 2:30 to 3pm hope to get some good answers. have a good day!

mangelo :I am going with my friend and meeting his friend that has relatives in Iraq and told him they are celebrating and spending money from their card.

Pastor John :  GA family. Here is a fact that just happen to me at tier one. I asked about the dong and was quote .41 but pending. Just happen. God Bless.


Jer39prov8:  Was wondering about chalabi’s death today….is it more than just a coincidence that he died right after budget was brought to parliament?

I say that because wasn’t it China that had a death in the news and then right after it revalued?

When Kuwait reinstated they issued new national cards and passports and the SAME NEWS Is coming out of Iraq!….. 3 weeks later banks opened and they issued new currency at a new rate!

I’m just saying it’s all looking good. OUR president just signed and passed our budget for the next 2 years and said (paraphrasing) it’s one of the best deals in years.

Forstrain:  Jer , no, Kuwait and they didn’t revalue but reinstated… Oh, and they didn’t really have a death

Jer39prov8:  Forestrain, even better! Iraq is following the same pattern that Kuwait did! Here is my proof