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Desmo:  What happened to the Forex updates that we were getting????…we are supposed to be seconds away from this happening and now no Forex trends??….interesting

Shane:  Desmond hey while back IKO said that it was being used now for smoke and mirrors and then he stopped posting

Tennwolfman :  Im supposed to make contact with WM around 4 oclock est today

Tennwolfman :  yesterday my WM tried to contact her higher ups and could not get thru-she is going to try again today and told me to call her at 4

Tennwolfman : please everyone- do make sure your list of to do things is made out and nothing left out–its very important


moneymerge :   Get ready…it’s gonna come out any minute now…banks are maned, everything has been signed off, it was announced at the Mosque….did get your 10 things done?

GSWoo13:  Maybe this is what was announced in the Mosque (from Frank-RECAPS) PM Abadi went to the masques on Sunday evening and via a live feed TV broadcasting he spoke to all the Iraqi citizens….saying…Iraqi citizens I offer to you VALUED citizens of Iraq….security, stability, and prosperity without exception to the upcoming EID

GSWoo:  i think it is over i just read that on Recaps and frank put a lot of emphasis on the three words SECURITY Stability and Prosperity

Houston:  I think we need to look at the IMF meeting with China to day and Iraq tomorrow.

Catwoman1:  IMO the key to this GCR is when the Yuan becomes a reserve currency!

Houston:  Catwoman, that could be today

Conrad:  Houston; “what if” that meeting has already taken place in private… hmm

Houston:  Conrad, wouldn’t that be nice!

Mobius:  UPDATE 1-IMF says no firm date for yuan SDR review despite report of d​elay : China Business News, a respected domestic finance newspaper, sa​id on its website that the IMF was pushing back its plan to make a dec​ision from Nov. 4 to Nov. 30.​20151104