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OKRocks:  gm all, well as we all should know by now, we are control of nothing but ourselves… the hows, whens and how much are not for us to know until its time… so hang on to what you do control: Yourself! Its real and its coming…

[xyz] NOTE: READ EVERY WORD — WRITTEN BY xyz (rofl) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iraq looking with the IMF to support the financial stability of the country

XYZ  Government delegation is going on in the Jordanian capital Amman talks with senior experts and International Monetary Fund officials to study the country’s financial and economic situation and ways to support and assist the Fund.

The ministry said in a statement responded to Twilight News, that the Iraqi delegation participating in the talks consists of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on the Keywords Governor of the Central Bank and financial and economic adviser to the prime minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh and directors of budget departments, accounting, public debt, and representatives from the Ministry of Oil and Planning and the Central Bank.

She noted that consultations take place to reach a memorandum of understanding for technical

[xyz] …technical Fund monitoring program to strengthen public financial management and strengthen cash management and provide stability to the financial sector in the country. The ministry said that due to these consultations will continue for several days.
[xyz] During a meeting with the President of the Board of Supreme Audit Speaker of Parliament confirms its support for the development of financial control process and the preservation of public money

[xyz] The central bank announced to take all legal action against offending banks to auction currency

[xyz] Abadi al-Jubouri and emphasize the need for legislation important laws as a law the budget as soon as possible

[xyz] Chalabi reveals the corruption of the Central Bank of files before his death

[xyz] Financial Integrity calls to hold accountable those involved to “bleeding currency”


Hairdresser:  BANK story: I called my bank today, they said I’m broke

Dpa820:  Hairdresser, Look at it like this, You are a millionaire with a termporary cash flow situation!!!  Lol