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Elmerf123456: Good evening family did you miss me ? I’ve been laying low some but I’m here to tell you that the news is getting better by the minute and I’m very excited! IKO just shared a little nugget with you that major significance! Let me just say we party soon!

Iko ward: I’m guessing someone has already brought this in but just in case Forex has now registered across the board on the 1090.3 with indicators pointing toward further movement toward sweetening the rate.

astorjack :  These are Frank26 words not mine: KTFA Family….when a country does a reinstatement of their currency they are simply doing this for international use and RECOGNITION. They first have to RI…..IMO…..THEY JUST DID


GreatlyBlessed: In order denies the occurrence days of complete darkness in the month of November

BAGHDAD / Hamdi Ismail total / denied astronomer Dr. Ismail Abdullah Akhlati professor of astronomy at the University of Mustansiriya the rumors about the occurrence of a state of complete darkness permeated the globe between 15 and 29 of the month of November next, because of the alignment of Jupiter with Mars and Venus, which will occur Day next November 15.

said Akhlati that “the news reported by many news sites, Arab and foreign social networking sites on the sinking of the planet darkness for 15 continuous days, which aroused fear in the hearts of the citizens are false and incorrect news altogether.”

He added that “the phenomenon of alignment of the planets natural astronomical phenomenon is not unique, and does not cause the occurrence of any final darkness.”