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Elmerf123456: Getting all kinds of good news right now and things are shaping up fantastic. Let’s just say the Kitchen Stove is Hot Right now!

I’m very excited for all of us right now. There has been a lot of things done over the weekend. I pray we are sliding in to home plate.

I am hearing that there are 8 tankers off the coast of Houston and other ports. They are supposed….wait for it!!!! Chinese Tankers that came to buy Oil from us.

That is significant and may also be one of the candles on our celebratory cake we are about to eat.

Lots more coming in. I will try to post any updates. Seems like this is about to be set off!!!!

I am also hearing that rates have hot screens and now past test modes and hitting operational stages. Pips all in play and activation stages set for initiation phase. Gee I hope this is all correct and I’m giving it to you as I’m receiving it.

Let’s Pray we have finally reached our prize. I’m looking at a PIPS screen right now on USD/IQN.

Isa2bc:  a PIPS screen is a type of forex chart that shows a fraction of a dollar. As an example the USD/KWD is at .3040 right now!  The PIPS screen just changed back to it’s normal screen.


JustLucky:  Martha…What’s the Status of “a Private Group being paid today?” Can you share?

Martha:  Elmerf I hope you are right .The pvt group should have funds 2 morrow..This group actually had a bond

Dedar:  Is the private group the Generals 64 group?

Martha: No the group had a HBOND

Jessie91:  martha what is a HBOND

Martha:  I hear Historical bonds were purchased and are now being opened, confirmed and funded…. I won’t be able to confirm until Monday…..but they are part of the private groups.


Iko Ward:  Just waiting for initial Forex polling. Internal numbers from Iraq look very promising….. 1094, and away we go.

Martha:  I did read the markets are set for a bad day due to Paris.

Hairdresser:  Elmer, see link:​-place-coast-galveston

Elmerf12346:  Got it. The ports are indeed full. This is great news on many fronts…. Thanks for sharing those articles the heading says it all IMO.