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Martha:  Hi everyone. I want to go to bed but heard bonds are moving and privates are starting to be paid…. Also heard  that Obama supposedly signed off on IMF 2010 reform 2 weeks ago

Olesailor:  Martha you said things did start —- is that past tense, like did start and stopped?

Martha: All I know is that they are (supposedly) starting tonight….We have privates that will have funds? Am……I realize things have gone quiet again…..will know more tomorrow

Danielson:  Martha were the privates funded supposed to be available today for them?

Martha:  Actually yes to today but haven’t reached that party yet….All I can say is I can’t confirm payment yet…..Will try to get more info in am but my contact said good night and so am I .still expect to hear from Tony

Olesailor: Martha when you mention privates, are you referring to private groups or something bigger?

Martha:  This pvt group that actual had a pvt bond
KY Garden Girl:  Christine legarde said —– scolded the united states for holding up the reforms – they needed to be done today ( she scolded the United states – at the G-20 meeting )

Iko Ward : (Hold on I’m coming)

Newcreation: Christine Legume pushes urgency of 2010 reforms at G20