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Tennwolfman: I called the bank this morning and they told me there was no change but the rates were still on screen and pending

Iko Ward:  I have seven screens open at any given time. They give me a comprehensive picture of where things stand, and don’t let me focus on any one piece of information as the arbiter of my mood. You can do the same with tabs and favorites. Keep Forex, CNN Money, Bloomberg, KITCO Gold, DAILYFX for crude, Recaps, and other favorites all at the push if a button. Good discipline for post RV.

Mobius:  Don’t Rule Out the BRICs : Goldman Sachs’ recent decision to merge its​ BRIC fund into a broader emerging-markets fund does not signal that t​he idea of grouping the economies of Brazil, Russia India and China ha​s outlived its usefulness. Even if Goldman Sachs was correct to redef​ine its fund, the BRIC idea remains very much alive. If anything, its ​analytical and policy importance will increase in the years to come.​ics


[xyz] newsflash: Urgent Zebari: The Cabinet will submit an amendment to the 2016 budget to reduce the deficit Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari revealed that the Cabinet will submit an amendment to the budget bill in 2016 soon. Zebari said during hosted by the House of Representatives today that this amendment is “in order to reduce the existing cash through the issuance of deficit bonds.” He said the “government able to reduce the deficit from 25% to 22%” followed ..  Link