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RXsales:  Could we be waiting on this decision with China?   Last week, IMF staff members issued a paper to the Executive Board stating that the renminbi, also known as the yuan, met requirements to be a “freely usable” currency, proposing it should be included in the organization’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket as a fifth currency, alongside the U.S. dollar, euro, British pound and Japanese yen. The organization’s final decision on the issue is expected on November 30.

Bigox:  I’m gonna take a guess and say its a communication problem between all these systems trying to sync – another clogged pipe – prob one of these countries that have been screaming GO GO GO! That’s my guess

JersyBoys:  Bruce stated on his call last night that there was an “issue” which China located and has now fixed and that was the delay.


[xyz] Abadi: Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis stronger He said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis that is currently taking place in stronger, noting, we currently establish to strengthen the economy and lack of dependence on oil and we are on the right road.

[freefall] The beginning to shabbi being brought back into public view of being the master mind at CBi. We need to see shabbi exonerated in public view before we get paid. IMO this sets the table. We should see more and more articles now exposing Maliki power grab of CBI

[xyz] Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Valiollah Seif said the country’s economy has the potential to grow by around 8 percent a year.

Iko Ward:  So they set the evening at 5:37 instead of 8:00. And not they moved it up to 1090.4, probably an adjustment against the dollar. Think we’ll get another poll in before 10PM?

JS86901: hi Iko what does all this mean?

Iko Ward:  Expectant is how I interpret

OffGrid:  IKO — the IQD on Forex kept ‘refreshing’ all weekend, sometimes every 2-3 seconds when closed …. unusual to me … did you see and agree?

Iko Ward: Off…I heard about that but I don’t monitor on the weekend. Somebody said it’s been happening the last 10 weeks.

Ger:   didn’t Tony say he would know of rv before we see anything on Forex?

Luvwolfs:  ger yes believes it will stay off forex for a few days. It’s the movement that we like

Godlovesyou:  I am not getting my hopes up this is it……I just got some news that the RV and GCR happening…..could not be verified by another source that is not banned from here…….but……I am praying and hoping this is our week

Iko Ward:  I think it has already gone, but we won’t see the banks til later this week.