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CODreamer:  It’s eerily quiet out in dinarland – like waiting for the other shoe to drop!

MusicGirl:  I am still hearing BY SUNDAY, anyone else hearing anything different… my source that works pretty high up

Uni345: I agree with you musicgirl

Smartblonde55:  Tidbit I just heard on OM the IQD went down to where Iko likes & the yuan will be in the basket.

Uni345:  I feel something is about to happen , like Co said the other shoe is about to drop ….Hope it’s the RV shoe

TBirdd:  well sunday is the anniversary of JFKs assassination.

[xyz] World Bank: Iraq’s economy in need of drastic reforms   Link

[xyz] Basra Plans World’s Tallest Tower   Link

[xyz] Iraqi aircraft throw leaflets on areas in Nineveh urging cooperation with security forces “The air force dropped millions of leaflets on Mosul, Tal Afar, Baaj, Qayyarah, Hamam al-Alil and Sharqat.”Link

[xyz] Deepak published details of a “secret agreement” between Obama and Putin on resolving the conflict in Syria    Link 

[xyz] The formation of a parliamentary investigative committee disappearance of $ 10 billion from the central bank Link