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Abufarm: It is always quiet before a storm they say

Iko Ward:  ISX shot up 5% last night after a steady three month decline. Most of the gains were in the banking sector and one commercial real estate firm, followed by chemical and plastics. Good news.

ISX is the Iraqi Stock Exchange. Also of note is India’s BTRI purchased a seat this week on an initial volume of 6,000,000 shares. That’s large for Iraq, as large as some of their banks.

The ISX gained 5% last night, mostly in the banking sector. The RSISX Index gained 8% Both entities have been steadily losing ground over the past 90 days, over 30% in total. Not they have decidedly reversed direction. An important development. Somebody made a huge investment in Iraq last night.


Jackaroo:  GM Peeps! I am not sure exactly but either today, or tomorrow makes 90 days since the dealers stopped the layaway program effective stopping (reserves) . Just saying.

Xrayokie:  Jack i have had the same thought no more reserves maybe who knows ?

JerseyBoys:  When that happened 90 days ago, we were all in shock and so many people here really disappointed. I guess they (the PTB) felt they had to shut that down. Now that we’ve had time to move away from that situation, all I care about is to get this thing DONE!!!!

Harambe:  “OPEC’s second-biggest producer, Iraq, has started to sell some crude grades for as little as $30 a barrel” …


Goldpeg9:  “Uptown Funk” As Performed With Moves From The Golden Age Of Hollywood
66 (Old) Movie Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars)