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Iko Ward:  Let’s do a little review. Remember the popullar thought these days is it’s done and we are waiting. Who else is waiting? Crude..hovering around 41…all those ships off Galveston…waiting. Gold, in a paddock chute between 1165 and 1185…waiting. The stock markets, no real change this week..waiting. Forex, didn’t even bother to rest up to CBI rate the past two days, just like last week…waiting

Iko Ward:  And then the ISX and Iraq internal indexes move up yesterday a full 5% after a straight and steady decline the past 90 days….NOT waiting anymore!

TotallyBlessed:  Iko…I value your opinion and it sounds like you see the race horses in their starting gates pawing the ground ready

Badscott4:  Iko from my understanding there is several at the trough with the ships at various ports around the world waiting. Wait for it, Wait for it haahahaha

Phantom1:  Iko gm did you see this post what do you think​

Iko Ward:  phantom…I mistrust all frank and simple people, especially when their stories hold together. Right now any statement from any financial institution of regulatory agency is suspect. These people are scrambling like rats off a sinking ship. To be fair, they are not all bad people or institutions, but they are just as confused as we are. Oddly comforting.

bomonkey :  the lower denoms are out….when the lower demons got to the banks, they were partying! Kuwait is already going to Iraq to the banks

cyndisaintsfan :  do you have this from good sources ??

bomonkey : yes…..straight from the iraq citizen who  is still here….How are Kuwaiti citizens exchanging in Iraq at banks? So it is international……’s out

Mangelo:  My friend’s cousin’s are partying in Iraq!  He said they have been partying for awhile. it has taken him awhile to get in touch….that’s all he told me. But I told you guys that they had been celebrating sometime ago…….. people are exchanging…..we have to be next…

LadyB22:  mangelo, that’s wonderful news. And tonight we learned that the Phillipines signed off, apparently recently. Who knew?


JWill:  So who is really running this GCR ?? Up to now the PTB don’t seem like they know what’s going on..( sounds like a lot of running in a circle)

IKo Ward:  jwill…pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Did you know The Wizard of OZ was actually written as a modern day fable about who is running the world?

Rrrr iko… here is the youtube on “The secret of OZ”… This was one of the first books tony and DC recomended… Fascinating

[xyz] Three presidencies confirm to speed up the passage of the budget gathered at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Thursday evening During the meeting, discuss the most important political and economic issues Link

Four2atous:  Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Royal Bank of Scotland Group ​Plc pleaded guilty to conspiring to manipulate the price of U.S. dolla​rs=   Link

Four2atous:  Royal Bank of Scotland Group=  Link

locofelipe :  “ok- you guys are talking, I will tell what I know…. I was told by my WM that I would be in her office earliest Saturday—- latest Monday. I told her either day I could work out in my schedule” hummmm

If I sign the NDA…. I will still come and say goodbye. but that’s it….. BTW- she felt that we would ALL be somewhere by that time frame. I laughed and said, yeah, LOCO..

Tuttles: Police Bust largest underground banking case in China​derground-banking-case-in-china