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Iko Ward:  So, now that we can all read Forex, the stock markets, the gold and crude markets and the ISX let’s talk about the rest. Until the US releases the IMF to release the UST to release the banks we will wait. That is my conclusion.

Buckles102:  Iko I think we have been waiting on that for over two years.

Iko Ward:  buckles, agreed, but the rest of the world wasn’t quite ready and now it is. In many ways I think the delay was, not so much.

phantom1 : Iko everything looks positive no reason for this not to go.

Iko Ward : Phantom, total agreement, even better than last week.

Bomonkey:   a lot going in world we are just not seeing it believe i got facebooked ….Iraq borders are open Iran borders and banks and people are buying and spending…….

Iraq banks open to Kuwait and Iran and telling them to donate a 5000 dinar note to the displaced selling in the streets since Thursday millions of people each country

Iko Ward:  Bo, I heard about that last night, also the internal finance companies in Iraq are feeling very positive. All great info.

BoMonday:  IMO   It’s not the RV …its already happened… its public announcement… that’s it.