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Harambe:  Good news for the current Forex rate of 1083.4. Since last Thursday, it appears that the dinar is no longer pegged to the 1166 rate. The rate has been hovering around 1090 rate.

SassyD:  UP – UP – UP and away……. Investors in Iraq are HAPPY…. ISX up fo​r third day in a row after months of decline !!!!……..

DocSavage:  One thing is certain: We all sit perfectly positioned atop the greatest wealth opportunity in the history of the world. If that doesn’t give you a warm, positive feeling nothing will.


OK Rocks:  They are having their yearly Trek to Karballa, the Arbaeen commemoration, upwards of 15 million visitors expected…. food buffets line the streets… millions come from around the world and peeps from Iran make the trek

THE Longest Banquet in The World! Route: Thi Qar to Karbala (350 Km) Time: Nov 2015 Open to Everyone #Arbaeen Iraq the Arbaeen commemoration, upwards of 15 million visitors expected.

Iraq Live Update ‏@IraqLiveUpdate 2 hours ago Journalist @EisaAli_RT will ‘dodge ISIS bombs’ to walk 80 Km from Najaf to Karbala #fundraising for Iraqi Orphans