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Tishwash: This is from Iran’s news

 Iraq … the political parties reject the continuation of any presence of US forces

Political parties from the various blocs rejected the continuation of the American presence on Iraqi soil after the end of this month, stressing that the resistance will be present to expel the occupation from the country in the event that Washington does not implement the withdrawal agreement with Baghdad

And the Mehr News Agency reported , that a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hamid Abbas, said that “there is a need to form a major Shiite alliance between the two largest powers, the coordination framework and the Sadrist bloc, in order to push the next government to expel the occupying forces and end the justifications for their presence.”

On the other hand, a member of the Wisdom Movement, Muhammad al-Lakash, confirmed that “there is an agreement between the political parties for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, as those forces will bear the responsibility for what will happen to them if they continue to be in Iraq after the expiry of the specified period for withdrawal.”

On the other hand, member of the political bureau of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Saad al-Saadi, stated that “the American presence inside Iraq will be considered an occupation in the event that Washington does not implement its agreement with Baghdad according to the specified period, as the resistance will have its say regarding this presence.


Tishwash:  The end of the meeting between al-Sadr and the coordination framework and an agreement on the renewal of the three presidencies

The meeting of the head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, and the leaders of the coordination framework ended a while ago.

An informed source said in an interview with Mawazine News that “the meeting ended after a session of talks that lasted for about an hour and a half.”

He added, “The meeting did not discuss the formation of the government, but the attendees agreed not to renew the three presidencies.”  link


Tishwash:  An Al-Amiri’s house.. Al-Sadr (lunches) today with the framework, and news of the sharing of ministries (6 for Al-Sadr and 6 for the Coordination), with a second term for Al-Kazemi

Well-informed political sources said that Thursday’s meeting will discuss the issue of calm, self-restraint, national responsibility, and stopping escalation from all parties, noting that “the meeting may delve into detailed issues about forming the new government

Sources close to the coordination framework confirmed that a working lunch, reconciliation and meeting will be held today (Thursday) at the house of Hajj Hadi Al-Amiri, head of the Al-Fateh coalition, between the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada Al-Sadr and the leaders of the coordination framework of Shiite forces.

The sources said, that there is an understanding that has not been written, and it may be adopted in today’s meeting, that it is agreed to share the ministries (6 for Al-Sadr + 6 for the coordination forces), provided that Al-Kazemi will be prime minister, and the Sunni forces will have 5 ministries, 4 ministries for the Kurds, and a ministerial portfolio for minorities.

On the other hand, in the same context, State of Law coalition spokesman Hisham Al-Rikabi confirmed that a meeting will be held (Thursday) between Muqtada Al-Sadr and the leaders of the coordination framework.

Al-Rikabi said in a tweet on Twitter, “Mr. Al-Sadr will be hosted by the coordination framework tomorrow, Thursday.”

In addition, other well-informed political sources said that Thursday’s meeting will discuss the issue of calm, self-restraint, national responsibility, and stopping escalation from all parties, noting that “the meeting may delve into detailed issues about forming the new government  link

Tishwash : An economic welcome to the idea of the {Energy Sovereign Fund}

The economic community welcomed the government’s intention to establish the Sovereign Energy Fund, stressing the importance of the step in making great progress in electricity projects, and enabling this sector to meet all local needs, stressing the need to develop long and medium-term strategic plans for the project’s work, with the aim of achieving higher

Positive results from it.

The Sovereign Energy Fund is counting on covering the local need for electricity at the lowest cost, according to the Chairman of the Ministerial Council for Energy, Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, who stressed “the importance of approving it to finance long-term investment projects in the energy sector, in support of the national economy and guaranteeing the rights of future generations.” .

Revenue distribution 

A statement by the Ministry of Oil, received by Al-Sabah, stated that Abdul-Jabbar pointed out, during his presidency of the Energy Ministerial Council meeting, that “the Sovereign Energy Fund project is one of the most important projects that were discussed due to its importance and objectives, which revolve around achieving justice in the distribution of revenues from oil and gas, and how Its investment and development, through promising programs and projects, and clear plans commensurate with the great development in the world, including support for electric and renewable energy projects, and investment projects that aim to create clean, sustainable, environmentally friendly energy.”

Sustainable development

The minister explained, according to the statement, that “this fund would achieve sustainable development by financing and supporting long-term investment operations in the energy sector, as well as its importance in achieving flexibility in implementing energy plans and programs, and supporting and encouraging projects implemented by non-governmental sectors.” .

He pointed out that “one of the fund’s objectives is also to work to provide and cover the local need for electrical energy at the lowest cost, and in accordance with sound environmental standards.”

Economy Welcome

The government’s move was welcomed by an economist, who praised the trend aimed at achieving “leaps in energy projects,” as expressed by the economic affairs specialist, Aqil Al-Nouri, who stated that “the availability of funding represents the most important steps for implementing strategic projects that have a significant impact on the reality of the economy, including energy projects.” Which the country needs quite a few of them to cover the growing demand for energy.

Al-Nouri pointed out that “this approach would actually advance the energy sector and move it to a new and better phase that meets the aspirations of the country, which suffers from poor service supply of electric energy,” noting that “these funds should be linked to a strategic plan that regulates the reality of energy, It requires the need to create a local capital cycle, and this helps in developing the country’s reality in all production and service sectors.”

financial savings

For his part, the economic expert, Duraid Mahmoud Al-Anazi, believes that this aspect is a “good option” if financial savings are found for it, provided that it is allocated to it from outside the current imports, due to the difficulty of deducting from the current imports for the urgent need in all sectors. link

Mot:  The Story Behind David Bowie’s Unlikely Christmas Duet with Bing Crosby………

In the long list of David Bowie‘s collaborators – Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Queen, Trent Reznor, TV on the Radio – there’s one slightly odd standout: Bing Crosby.

And the pair’s duet on “Little Drummer Boy” for the 1977 TV special Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas has indeed become something of an outlier in Bowie’s career, landing as it did in the middle of Bowie’s particularly strange – even for him – late ’70s run, that found him making stark, groundbreaking albums like Low while sequestered in Berlin. The clip usually pops up around Christmas every year as part of All-Things-Bowie Internet round-ups, and that’s that.

But what sparked this collaboration? In a roundabout way, Bowie’s mom.

In 2014, Merrie Olde Christmas writers Larry Grossman and Buz Kohan remembered the circumstances behind the collaboration. The pitch was originally to have the pair duet on “Little Drummer Boy,” but Grossman told PBS that Bowie put his foot down.

“He said, ‘I won’t sing that song. I hate that song… I’m doing this show because my mother loves Bing Crosby.’ ”

The writers found a solution: Craft a counter-melody that Bowie could sing while Crosby proceeded with “Little Drummer Boy.” “It all happened rather rapidly. I would say within an hour, we had it written and were able to present it him again,” Kohan explained to PBS. Bowie loved the resulting melody, called “Peace on Earth,” and the rest was history.

Bowie was 30 when the collaboration happened; Crosby, who would die a month later, was 73. Crosby’s daughter Mary remembered Bowie’s arrival on-set very clearly.

“The doors opened and David walked in with his wife,” she told the Associated Press in 2014. “They were both wearing full-length mink coats, they have matching full makeup and their hair was bright red,” she told the summer TV critics’ tour Wednesday. “We were thinking, ‘Oh my God.’ ”

“They sat at the piano and David was a little nervous,” she continued, but eventually, “Dad realized David was this amazing musician, and David realized Dad was an amazing musician. You could see them both collectively relax and then magic was made.”

Nathaniel Crosby suspected some strings were pulled behind the scenes to ease the transition. “It almost didn’t happen,” he told the AP. “I think the producers told him to take the lipstick off and take the earring out.”


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